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Computer 00:01

Minecraft Server

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Architecture 13:15 CG042 (Architecture Studio)


Welcoming all new members to SofA with a brief introduction to upcoming events for the...
Ultimate Frisbee 18:00 \"Maguires\" playing field

Beginner Training

Training for all members including beginners,especially for beginners, we will just be...
Chess 18:00 Room 3 Students\' Union

Chess Meet/Training

Challenge fellow, or potential members to games of chess, or recieve coaching from our...
International 18:00 B1023, Johnathan Swift

Music Club

The society\'s newest activity, Music Club will see members swapping tunes from their...
Literary 18:00 SG21A

Writing Evening

Here we will be doing frenzied writing prompts, readings of prepared works or you can...
Ladies Hockey 18:15 Astroturf Pitch


The ladies hockey is open to undergrads, postgrads, staff, alumni and external members....
Athletics 18:15 UL Outdoor Track

Sprint/distance session

Sprinters and distance runners again meet on a Thursday. Thursday\'s session is slightly...
Parkour 18:15 Arena Sprint Track


STARTING WEEK 2 Meeting at the Sprint Track in the Arena; this is located on the...
Dance UL 18:30 Dromroe Village Hall

Ballet Beginners/Improvers

Membership to join is ¤5, this is to cover you with insurance.. the classes are...
Anime and Manga 18:30 KB119

Japanese Workshop

Whether you\'re already an expert or a complete beginner you can come to these workshops...
Rowing 18:30 Boathouse

Men\'s Training

Training for all men beginner rowers, no experience necessary
Fencing 18:45 PESS building, main hall

Beginner Practise

Second beginner training session of the week. You don\'t need to bring anything but...
Fencing 18:45 PESS building, main hall

Advanced Training

Training for the more intermediate and advanced fencers. This usually involves doing...
Tae Kwon Do 18:50 Gym, PESS Building


UL Tae Kwon Do Training Session.......................
Karate Shotokan 19:00 Kilmurry Village Hall


Regular training during the summer months only, training resumes in the PESS building in...
Trampoline 19:00 PESS hall


training 19:00-20:15 as this is our shorter session it\'ll be just bouncing but pop...
Outdoor Pursuits 19:00 OPC Climbing wall

Climbing Wall

Indoor climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world come to the wall and...
Krav Maga 19:00 Dromroe Village Hall


Krav Maga derived from the Hebrew word for contact combat is the hand-to-hand fighting...
Rowing 19:00 UL Boathouse

Winter Run Series 2010

5 or 10k distance each week. Open to public and students. No membeship necessary. Check...
Dance UL 19:30 Dromroe Village Hall


Try moving those hips to the music :) Very enjoyable class and you will learn lots of new...
Socialist Students 20:00 UL SU room 3

Regular Meetings

We usually have meetings every week at 6pm in the Students Union, but some weeks this has...
Judo 20:15 PESS Sports Hall


Training is open to everyone over 18 years of age. Beginners are welcome. For more...
Handball 20:15 PESS Building


First training session of the club this semester. One Wall training for all levels of...
American Football 20:15 Meet at Cages, for Astro

Midweek Training

General field training and technique/ play book run through, Meet at the cages below the...
Dance UL 20:30 Dumroe Village Hall

Irish Dancing

Membership to join is ¤5, this is to cover you with insurance.. The classes are...
Kayak 21:45 Ul Arena 50m Pool

Club Pool & Canoe Polo Sessions

Come down to the pool for a bit of craic and learn a few skills with our informal...

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Students Union

ULSU is the representative body for 13,500 UL students. Students automatically become members of the Union upon enrolment, and from that day on the three sabbatical officers (President, Welfare, Academic Officers) as well as the part-time members of the Union's Executive Committee, do their best to represent and help you with any problems you may have during your time in college. ULSU represents you both within and without the University, as well as providing you with services such as a fortnightly newspaper, welfare and academic advice, a common room, a games room, clubs and societies and much more.


ULSU is the representative body for 13,500+ UL students. Students automatically become members of the Union upon enrolment, and from that day on the three sabbatical officers (President, Welfare, Academic) as well as the part-time members of the Union's Executive Committee, do their best to represent and help you with any problems you may have during your time in college.

Clubs & Societies

Clubs & Societies are a fundamental part of the University scene here in Ireland and UL is no different. The 71 Clubs & Societies is the largest collection of voluntary run recreational and leisure activities under the one distinct brand on the University of Limerick campus, the UL Wolves.


Click here to see what's coming up on campus in UL, or around Limerick City. Also for external advertisers, follow the link for more information.

Student Centre

The student Centre located in the Students' Union Courtyard. This is where you will find the Students' Union Reception, Ticket Office, C&S, Games Room, Common Room as well as our Sabbatical Officers and Staff.

ULSU Sabbatical Officers 2014/2015

ULSU President

ULSU President
Colin Clarke

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ULSU Welfare

ULSU Welfare
Ciara Corcoran

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ULSU Academic

ULSU Academic
Marian O'Donnell

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ULSU Admin Staff

Services & Facilities Manager

Services & Facilities Manager
Adele O'Carroll

Adele has responsibility for the delivery of all services within the student's Union, both commercial and non-commercial, as well as overall management of the Student Centre Building. Please talk to Adele or her great team of staff in the Student Centre, who will be delighted to help you with whatever you need.

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Student Associate

Student Associate
Niamh Madden

Niamh assists with applications for the childcare bursary and student assistance fund. She manages the second hand bookshop database, as well as dealing with all student queries that come in through reception. Niamh is happy to help with any requests you may have (within reason!!) ;-)

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Democracy Development Manager

Democracy Development Manager
Liz Gabbett

Liz keeps the minutes and the notes from all our meetings and puts the rest of us to shame with her tidiness and affinity for filing. Without Liz, it’s unlikely any of the sabbatical officers would make any meeting! She also assists the Education Officer with the administration of the class reps system.

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Events & Promotions Manager

Events & Promotions Manager
Keith Quinlan

Keith is the Student Union's Events & Promotions Manager. He puts on activities and concerts all year round, as well as organising Fresher's Week and Charity Week. He also helps Class Reps organise their class parties, looks after all the marketing, sponsorship, external advertisers and promotional activity that happens on campus. It's his job to make party happen throughout the year for you guys.

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Marketing & Communications Administrator

Marketing & Communications Administrator
Killian Stone

Killian is our marketing administrator. He works with Keith and the Ents team to coordinate the marketing, sponsorship, external advertisers and promotional activity that happen on campus. He also takes editorial control of the Students' Union website and all social media pages. As well as creating content for these media it's his job to make sure you know when and what is happening on campus.

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General Manager

General Manager
Martin Ryan

Martin joined the Team as General Manager in October 2013 and is responsible for the smooth and effective operation of The Students' Union. He manages the Staff Team and is responsible for leading the growth and development of the Union. He also works in an impartial advisory capacity and provides guidance and essential information to the constantly changing sabbatical teams from year to year. He sits on the Union Executive as a non-voting member.

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Financial Controller

Financial Controller
Barry Costelloe

You might not see Barry all that often but he is a very important part of the team at ULSU. He looks after the financial side of the Union.

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Clubs & Societies Staff

Clubs & Societies Development Manager

Clubs & Societies Development Manager
Paul Lee

Paul has been the C&S Development Manager since 1998. It is a multi-faceted rold and the responsibilities include the development of the administrative system for the existing 70+ Clubs & Societies, the financial management of capitation for C&S, event management, health & safety, to name but a few. He also has representational duties on the UL Arena Board of Directors. If you wish to start a new Club or Society you should talk to Paul.

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Clubs & Societies Coordinator

Clubs & Societies Coordinator
Michelle Whyte

Michelle is your C&S Administrator. She works with Paul in the C&S Office on the first floor of the Students' Union building. She also has representational duties on the Board of Irish College Societies (BICS) Executive and it’s council. She assists in processing C&S cheque requisitions, looks after the C&S minibus, sprinter and landcruiser in terms of insurance, bookings and servicing; and liaises with Student Affairs on your behalf for room bookings in the University buildings. Michelle is here to help you and your Club or Society, so please drop in, email or phone her if you need any assistance.

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