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Sarah Dunphy

ULSU President
Uachtaràn ULSU

Phone | Guthàn
    +353 61 202326
    086 0435300


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ULSU President - Sarah Dunphy

Hi everyone, conas atá sibh? Welcome to the beginning of the best years of your life here at the

University of Limerick!!!

My name is Sarah Dunphy and I am thrilled to have been elected as your Students’ Union President

for this year. I am your primary representative, locally and nationally, and I will be working with the

team here in your SU to make sure you get the best of what University of Limerick has to offer.

I work closely with Caolan, your Welfare Officer and Donal, your Academic Officer on all things

student related. I sit on tonnes of committees and attend even more meetings to make sure you are

getting the very best from college.

University of Limerick is a community. We have a fantastic diverse population of all ages and

nationalities and every individual of all walks of life is welcome here! We have top class facilities and

services available and here in the Students’ Union we are yours- all yours! We can give you help and

guidance in time of need and we are free for a chat every other day. So pop in and say hello, we will

only be delighted to meet, greet and have a chat with you. Register with the Wolfpack through, add us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course send some snaps to ‘snapwolfieul’.

Here in your Students’ Union, we organise events for you such as Freshers’ Week and Charity Week

and lots of other bits and bobs like campaigns to highlight issues that affect you. We are home to

70+ Clubs and Societies and a newly refurbished Common Room.

We are very lucky here in UL to have brilliant staff, supports and services available so don’t hesitate

to use them. UL has everything for you and remember, if help is given take it, and if you need it, go

get it. The door here in your Students’ Union is always open and if you can’t make it in, call or email

us or use any form of communication- we’re not picky ;)

You always belong here. This is YOUR Students’ Union. In the words of another President, the Kid


‘This is your time. This is my time. This is our time. We can make every day better for each other. If

we’re on the same team, let’s start acting like it. You were made to be awesome.’

Le grá agus gach dea ghuí,

Do chara,

Sarah x x

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