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Class Reps

Class Rep form 2016-2017_WEB

What is a class rep?

Class Reps are an essential part of the Students' Union structure. They are our eyes and ears on the ground and work as a point of contact for the class, the lecturers, tutors and of course the Students' Union.

Why would I be a Class Rep?

This is your Class, your University and your Union. It's time to step-up, become a leader, a communicator and take on some responsibility.Plus it looks great on your C.V.

But what do Class Reps actually do?

There is both a fun side and serious side to the role.

The Serious

The FUN!

Liaising with lecturers & classmates

Setting up the class facebook page

Providing feedback

Organising class nights out

Highlighting class issues

Organising class hoodies

Emailing your class with info & updates

Class Rep nights out

How to be an UNREAL Class Rep!

  • Introduce yourself to the lecturers and class so they know who you are.
    • With a lecturer's permission stand up at the start of a class and introduce yourself
    • Send a class email. Liz in the Students' Union will send you instructions on how to email your class
    • Create a Facebook group for your classAttend Class Rep training.
  • Liaise with your Department Rep for advice or to highlight issues of concern.
  • Liaise with Donal Foley - VP Academic Officer - when you have an issue you can't solve.
  • Get your class's opinions by asking them -not just your friends.
  • Organise fun events for your class to get to know each other.
  • Be organised, don't let being a Class Rep interfere with your own study.
  • Make sure your Department Rep signs off on your volunteering hours.

Common Issues Class Reps Deal With.


  • Are the assessments fair? Are there too little or too many? Are course deadlines too close together?

Lecturers / Tutors

  • Is a lecturer/tutor not showing up, not prepared, not following the agreed course outlined?


  • Does the class have problems accessing recommended reading material? Are there difficulties with Computer labs?

Students Concerns

  • Are your classmates happy with the Library, student services class rep system, etc.?

Issues A Class Rep Should Not To Deal With.

  • Harassment & serious conflict.
  • Students' personal problems.
  • Taking notes for other students.
  • Taking personal abuse from any student or member of staff.
  • Proof reading or tutoring fellow students.

How to Approach Your Lecturer

When a classmate approaches you with a problem it is best you bring it directly to the lecturer but before you approach the lecturer do the following: 

  • Email the class to get feedback on the issue so you can establish the extent of the problem.
  • Make an appointment with the lecturer to discuss the issue
  • Remember you are a representative of your class
  • Be diplomatic rather than confrontational, give credit where credit is due but be clear on what the issue is
  • Work through a solution with the lecturer
  • Report back to the class on the outcome of the meeting with the lecturer
  • If the lecturer is unresponsive or uncooperative bring the issue to the Course coordinator, Head of the Department or the Academic Officer who can advise on the next step.

Provisional Exam Timetable

In Week 9, SAA will release a provisional exam timetable on Monday. You must talk with your class, see if they have concerns and find out if they want to change anything on the timetable.  If the majority make a change request, then you contact with the lecturer by Thursday, Week 9. The lecturer liaises with SAA to see if the timetable change can be made.


Student Council

What is Student Council?

The Student Council is made up of 54 students who discuss and vote on Union policy. As representative of all UL students they direct Executive on what to do. Council meets every second Tuesday at 6pm in the Library boardroom.

Who are the Council Members?

All members are UL students, 28 are elected Department Representatives for each of UL's  academic departments, 15 are Interest Group Representatives with particular responsibility for specific student life and welfare areas. The 11 Executive members attend Council. Only the non-sabbatical members have a vote. The President, Welfare and Academic sabbatical officers do not have a vote.

What do Department Reps do? Dept Rep Nomination Form_2016 2017

  • Bring forward their own department issues and interests to Council.
  • Liaise with Class Reps within their department. Create a facebook page for the Class Reps to have informal chats.
  • Attend Class Rep training.
  • Introduce themselves to the Head of Department via email and in person. Request that they are invited to course board meetings.
  • Liaise directly with the Head of Department to offer constructive feedback and highlight unresolved Class Rep issues.
  • Liaise with VP Academic Officer (Donal) when they have difficulty resolving an issue.
  • Attend and participate at Student Council and relevant council sub-committee meetings.
  • Hold the ULSU Executive to account!

What do Interest Group Reps do? Interest Rep Nomination Form_2016 2017 S1

  • Get feedback from the wider student body for their particular interest area.
  • Research and promote relevant initiatives within UL and outside of UL that benefit students.
  • Liaise and meet regularly with their own interest group and Chairperson.
  • Attend and participate at Student Council and relevant Council sub-committee meetings.
  • Hold the ULSU Executive to account!


Student Council Structure

Department Reps

Science and Engineering Faculty

School of Engineering Rep
School of Design Rep
School of Natural Sciences Rep
  Dept. of Biological Sciences Rep
  Dept. of Chemical Sciences Rep
  Dept. of Physics Rep

Dept. Computer Science and Information Systems Rep
Dept. Electronic and Computer Engineering Rep
Dept. Mathematics and Statistics Rep

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dept. History Rep
Dept. Politics and Public Administration Rep                       Dept. Sociology Rep
School of Culture and Communication Rep
School of Law Rep
School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics Rep

Education & Health Science

Dept. Clinical Therapies Rep
School of Education Rep
Graduate Entry Medical School Rep
Dept.Nursing & Midwifery Rep
Dept.Physical Education & Sport Sciences Rep
Dept.Psychology Rep

Kemmy Business School

Accounting & Finance Dept Rep

Economics Dept Rep

Management & Marketing Dept Rep

Personnel  Employment Dept Rep

Interest Group Reps

Equal Opportunities

Chairperson - Exec Member

Equal Opportunities Rep

Mature Student Rep

Disabilities Rep

Home International Rep

Visiting International Rep


Chairperson - Exec Member

Sports Rep

Activities Rep

Entertainments Rep

UL Experience

Chairperson - Exec Member

Volunteering Rep

1st Year Rep

Campus Facilities Rep

Experience Rep

Experience Rep

Cooperative Education Rep

Student Services Rep


What is the SU Executive?

The SU Executive are a working group of 11 students who are elected by you to help implement students ideas, run Union campaigns, support student led activities and represent students' interests with the University at every level. The ULSU General Manager is also a member but does not have a vote.

What do the Executive do?

Each Executive member has responsibility to act as the main representatives for a particular aspect of student life on campus. They must consult with and listen to students to be effective representatives. The President is the primary UL student representative within the university and nationally.

The Exec meet in the Union weekly and attend Student Council every second Tuesday. They report to Council on the work they have done on students' behalf and feedback on the University meetings they attended. The Exec members meet with students daily whether it be to hear their ideas for the Union or give guidance on the many issues  students may be dealing with e.g. medical, financial difficulties, accommodation, exam papers, progression, etc.

The 3 full-time sabbatical officers and PSU President sit on over 40 University committees representing the interests of all students. This involves a lot of background reading and meeting preparation in order to contribute effectively.

Who are the Executive?

Sabbatical (Full-time) Officers
President Sarah Dunphy
Deputy President Welfare Caolan O'Donnell
Vice President Academic Donal Foley
Nominee of the PSU Executive
Ususally the PSU President Aimee McKenzie
Non- Sabbatical (Part-time) Officers
Student Council Chairperson Joe Curtin
Equal Opportunities Chairperson Liam Gleeson
UL Experience Chairperson Chris Collins
Recreation Chairperson James Liston
Faculties Officer Joseph Kearney
Clubs Officer Seamus Twoomey
Societies Officer Edmund Ryan








ULSU Constitution

Original Document Passed April 2013, Most recent Article Amendments was 17th February 2016

Student Council has made amendments to schedules over the past year.

Constitution 14th Mar 2016 WEBSITE


Management Committee


ULSU Campaigns

Library Extension Campaign 2014

September 19th  2014 ULSU Sabbatical team Tommy Bolger, Shane McCormack & Mike Forde present letter to Deputy Jan 0'Sullivan, Minister for Education, asking for her support to secure Government funding for the UL Library extension in the upcoming Budget.

UL authorities had been campaigning for government funding to finance the library extension for the past number of years. The ULSU Sabbatical took the opportunity to highlight to the Minister student's need for the library extension.

Sept 30th Student Council give their backing to the proposed Letter Campaign asking UL students to sign letters to be sent to their local TDs asking for their input to securing funding allocation for the library extension in the imminent budget.

October 7th Tommy and Mike gather 194 letters signed by students with their home addresses.

October 8th 194 letters were sent to the relevant government party TDs in the student's electoral areas

October 15th 2014 Government announce €10 million for UL library extension.






Sabbatical Officer Elections

Rick and Morty ULSU Elections

Key Times and Dates for ULSU Elections 2017

Nominations Open - Thursday 9th March (Week 7) 2017 at 1pm

Nominations Close - Thursday 16th March (Week 8) 2017 at 1pm

Campaigning Dates - after the candidates and campaign managers meeting,  Thursday 16th March 2017 at 3pm 

Election Date and time - Thursday, 23rd March 2017 (Week 9) 7am - 8pm.

Nomination forms are only available from the SU in Week 7 and 8.

I will be posting all election information here. Please keep referring back here for any updates.

So you are thinking of running for an SU sabbatical officer position

Election FAQS


President Job Description
VP Welfare Job Description
VP Academic Job Description

ERB Rules and Guidelines 2017-2018

Claim FORM ULSU Elections 2017

ULSU Constitution

ULSU Strategic Plan - Taking Giant Steps 2016-2020

Previous Manifestos

President Colin Clarke Manifesto cover leaflet_1 Ciara Corcoran Manifesto- Welfare Officer Election

President Colin Clarke Manifesto inside leaflet_1 Marian Manifesto Welfare Shane Manifesto

Advice from Previous Sabbats

Emma Porters SU President 2013-2014 Cathal Ronan 2012-2013 SU DP Welfare Mike Forde Academic 2014-2015
Tommy Bolger SU President 2014-2015 Emma Porters Campaign Advice

Uncontested candidates run against RON (Reopen nominations) to ensure that they are the right candidate for the job.

I strongly encourage anybody thinking of running to please come talk to me. Email me to arrange a meeting: liz.gabbett

Non Sabbatical Student Representatives

So... how do I get elected?

Pick up a nomination from the Union or download it from the relevant section below. Follow the instructions and fill out the form. Note the date forms need to be returned by and make sure to hand your form back into the Union, at either reception or into Liz in the Democracy and Development office. In the event that more than one student puts their name forward there will be an election.

Class Reps  Download Class Rep form 2015-2016

Get your form signed by 10 other people from your class. Class Rep Nominations are open all year until the positions are filled, but try and have them in by Wednesday week 1.There can be more than one Class Rep per course. There is one class rep per 25 students up to a max of 4 class reps.


Student Council

Department Reps: Get your form signed by 10 proposers and 20 seconders from your Department. Dept Rep Nomination Form_2016 2017

Interest Group Reps: Get your form signed by any 10 proposers and 20 seconders.Interest Rep Nomination Form_2016 2017 S1

Faculty Reps: They are elected from sitting department reps on council

Student Council Nominations open week 8 semester 2 and roll over until all the positions are filled.



Exec members: Get your form signed by 20 proposers and 40 seconders.

Faculties officer: They are elected from sitting Faculty Reps on Student Council.

Clubs and Societies Officers: They are elected by Clubs and Societies Council.

PSU Rep: They are an appointed nominee of the PSU Exec.

Nominations open week 8 and roll over each following week until all the positions are filled.




General Meetings

Annual General Meeting Feb 22nd 2017


Kemmy KBG12 - PIZZA & CANS (T&C) & 2 JaxJones tickets raffle.

Annual General Meeting Agenda Feb 2017

UGM Minutes 12.10.2016 L

ULSU Accounts 2016

ULSU Trading Limited Accounts 2016

Executive Officer Reports

SU President Sarah Dunphy Report Academic Officer Donal Foley Equal Opps Chair Liam Gleeson UL Experience Chair Chris Collins Recreation Chair James Liston
Faculty Officer Joe Kearney Postgraduate Union Council Chair -Joe Curtin DP Welfare Caolan ODonnell Clubs and Socities Report Edmund Ryan


Union General Meeting Oct 12th 2016


Health Science Building (North Campus) HSG037


Union General Meeting Agenda

UGM Minutes Feb 2016 18.02.2016

Representative Function Budget 2016-2017 Final Budget

ULSU Charities Week Policy 2016

SU President Sarah Dunphy Wk6 Chair of Council Week 6 Sem1 Joe Curtin Chris Collins - Ul Expereince wk6 PSU Aimée McKenzie Council n UGM wk6 Donal Foley SU academic Officer wk6
Liam Gleeson - Equal Opps UGM report Wk6 James Liston Recreation Chair Council n UGM Wk6 Joe Kearney- Wk 6 General Managers Review of ULSU activity Feb - August 2016 Welfare Caolan ODonnell Sem 1 Week 6

ULSU General MeetingUpdate

Union General Meeting Feb 17th 2016

UGM Agenda 17th Feb 2016

ULSU Trading Limited Accounts 20.01.2015

Final Management Committee Accounts 30.09.2015 20.01.2016

Hi folks, 

The Union General Meeting takes place Wednesday 17th of Feb in KBG12.

All students are welcome to attend. 

If you wish to bring a motion to UGM simple get 5 people to propose it and another 10 people to second it. Then submit your proposal in writing to the SU President, Colin Clarke by Wed 10th of Feb.

The final agenda will be posted Monday 15th of Feb.

We are planning a nice surprise for the meeting. More to follow!!!!

Union General Meeting Autumn 2015

Union General Meeting - Agenda

Representative Function Budget 2015-2016

UGM Minutes 25th Feb 2015 Prop

Unon Accounts 2014 24 03 2015

ULSU trading ACCOUNTS 30 9 14

Officer Reports Autumn 2015

SU President UGM Report Colin Clarke DP-Welfare UGM Report Ciara Corcoran VP Academic UGM Report Marian ODonnell
PSU President UGM Report Sean McKillen UL Experience Chair UGM Report Chris Collins Recreation Chair UGM Report Oisin Taylor Blakely
Equal Opp UGM Report Bridget Howard Faculties Of UGM Report Grace Bevan Molloy Societies Officer UGM report Marielle Xuereb
Clubs Officer UGM Report Joe Curtin

Why General Meetings???

The Union belongs to the students, therefore the students are the decision makers of the Union. The elected student representatives and Union staff will endeavor to increase student participation in all it's decision making forums.

General Meeting

  • There must be at least one meeting per semester.
  • All students are invited to attend union general meetings therefore giving each student an opportunity to find out what is going on in the Students%u2019 Union, to question the Union Officers and to instruct them on what needs addressing at the relevant meetings.
  • There must be at least 100 students in attendance to pass a proposal. Voting is by simple majority.


29th March 2017

ULSU will be holding a referendum on Wednesday 19th April from 7am - 6pm: The question to students is: Should ULSU support the aim of a united Ireland? Answer - Yes or No.

On Wednesday April 19th UL students will be asked to cast their vote on the question: should UL Students’ Union support the aim of a united Ireland? Choose Yes or No.

A Yes vote means if the UL Students’ Union was asked does ULSU support the aim of a united Ireland, we would answer Yes.

A No vote means that ULSU does not have an opinion either way on the topic/discussion of a united Ireland, we would remain neutral.

If anyone would like further information please email Liz Gabbett on


Student Council Documentation

Student Council Week 10 Semester 2 2017

Student Council Agenda Week 10 28 March 2017

Student Council Minutes Week 8 Sem 2 Minutes

Equal Opps Chair Liam Gleeson Wk10

Recreation Chair James Liston Wk 10

Aimee McKenzie PSU Report

Sabbat Council Joe Kearney Week 10

Student Council Week 8 Semester 2 2017

Student Council Agenda Week 8 14 March 2017

Student Council Minutes Week 6 Sem 2 Minutes

Student Council Week 6 Semester 2 2017

Student Council Agenda Week 6 28 Feb 2017

Student Council Minutes Week 4 Sem 2 Minutes

Exec were not requested to do reports for Week 6.

see the section AGM reports

Student Council Week 4 Semester 2 2017

Student Council Agenda Week 4 14 Feb 2017

Student Council Minutes Week 2 Sem 2 Minutes

DRAFT ULSU Drug Policy

Dept Rep Role Suggestions

SU President Sarah Dunphy S2 Wk4 DP Welfare Caolan ODonnell S2 Wk4 VP Academic Donal Foley S2 Wk4 Joe Curtin Chair of Council Report Week 4 Sem2
Liam Gleeson Equal Opps report Week 4 Semester 2 Chris Collins UL Experience Report Week 4 Sem 2 SU Sabbat Council report Joe Kearney Week 4 James Liston Recreation Report Week 4 Sem 2 Clubs N Socities Report S2 Wk4

Student Council Week 2 Semester 2 2017

Student Council Agenda Week 2 31st Jan 2017

Student Council Minutes Week 11 15th Nov

SU President_Sarah rpt S2 Wk2 Welfare_Caolans report S2 Wk 2 Review Donal Foley SU VP Academic Chair of Council_Joe S2 Wk2
Equal Ops_Liams rpt S2 Wk2 Exec review Chris Collins Exec review James Liston CS Edmund Seamus Rpt S 2 Wk2

Executive Officers- Semester 1 - Review

Review Sarah Dunphy SU President Review Caolan ODonnell SU DP Welfare Review Donal Foley SU VP Academic Exec review Joseph Curtin
Exec review Liam Gleeson Exec review Chris Collins Exec review James Liston

Student Council Week 8 Semester 1 2016

Venue Library Boardroom


Student Council Agenda 25th Oct 2016

MINUTES of Student council meet Wk 6 2016-17

Degree Award Grade on Parchment or Not

Cassells report Synopsis of options

Cassells Report Investing in Higher Education

President Sarah Dunphy Wk8 Smstr 1 2016 DP Welfare Caolan ODonnell Wk 8 Smstr1 2016 VP Academic Donal Foley Wk 8 Smstr1 2016 Chairperson Joe Curtin Wk 8 Smstr1 2016 Equal Opps Liam Gleeson Wk 8 Smstr1 2016
UL Experience Chris Collins Wk8 Smstr 1 2016 Recreation Report Week 8- James Liston SU Sabbat Council report Joe Kearney Week 8_1 SU Sabbat Council report Aimée week 8

Student Council Week 6 Semester 1 2016

Venue: Library Board Room


Student council meeting Week 4 2016-17

Student Council Agenda 11th Oct 2016_1

Representative Function Budget 2016-2017 Final Budget

Officer Reports

President Sarah Dunphy Wk 6 Smstr 1 2016 Welfare Caolan ODonnell Sem 1 Week 6 Donal Foley SU academic Officer wk6 PSU Aimée McKenzie Council n UGM wk6 Chris Collins - Ul Expereince wk6 Liam Gleeson - Equal Opps UGM report Wk6
Joe Kearney- Wk 6 James Liston Recreation Chair Council n UGM Wk6 Chair of Council Week 6 Sem1 Joe Curtin Joe Kearney- Wk 6 UGM Clubs and Socities Report Oct 2016

Student Council Week 4 Semester 1 2016

Venue: C1063 Charles Parson Lecture Theatre

Time: 6pm

Student Council Agenda 27th Sept 2016

Council minutes week 10 Semester 2 April 2016

Chair of Council Week 4 Sem1 Joe CurtinULSU Charities Week Policy 2016

Officer Reports

President Council Wk 4 Sem1 Sarah Dunphy Welfare Week 4 Sem 1 Caolan ODonnell Academic Council Wk 4 Sem1 Donal Foley Chair of Council Week 4 Sem1 Joe Curtin
UL Experience Council Wk 4 Sem 1 Chris Collins Equal Opps Council Week 4 Sem1 Liam Gleeson Recreation Report Week 4 Sem1 James Liston

PVA Brian Fey Liam Joe Don Chris Orlaith 1 WEBSITE

Student Council Week 10 Semester 2 2016

Student Council Wk 10 Agenda 5 April 2016

Student Council Minutes 01_03_2016 wk 6

Student Council Minutes 14_03_2016 wk 8

Student Council Week 6 Semester 2 2016

Strategic Plan DRAFT 01/03/2016

Student Council Wk 6 Agenda 1st March 2016

Student Council Minutes 17_02_2016 wk 4

Review Colin Clarke SU President Review Ciara Corcoran SU DP Welfare Review Marian ODonnell SU VP Academic
Exec review Chris Collins Review Bridget Howard Equal Opps Chair Review Oisin Taylor Blakely Recreation Chair
Review Joe Curtin Clubs Officer Review Marielle Societies Officer Review Grace Faculties Officer
Review Brian Glancy SU Council Chair

Student Council Week 4 Semester 2 2016

Student Council Wk 4 Agenda 16th Feb 2016

Student Council Minutes 02_02_2016 wk 2

strategic plan presentation to SU Council Feb 16

Constitution (Schedule 3) Proposal

DP-Welfare Ciara Corcoran Week 4 15-16 VP Academic Marian ODonnell Council report Wk 3 sem 2 President Colin Clarke Council report Wk4 Smstr 2
UL Experience Chair Chris Collins Wk 4 Smstr2 Recreation Chair Oisin Taylor Blakely Wk4 smstr2 Faculties Of Report_Grace Bevan Molloy_Wk4 Smstr2
Clubs Officer Joe Curtins Council Report Wk4SEM2 UL Equal Opp Bridget Howard Wk4 smstr2

Student Council Week 2 Semester 2 2016

Student Council Agenda 2nd Feb 2016

Student Council Minutes 10th Nov 2015, wk 10

SU President Colin Clarke Wk2 Smstr2 DP- Welfare Ciara Corcoran Wk2 Smstr2 VP Academic Marian ODonenll Wk 2 smstr 2
PSU President Sean McKillen Wk2 Smstr 2 UL Experience Chris Collin Wk2 Smstr2 Recreation Oisin Taylor Blakely Wk2 Smstr2
Faculties Report Grace Bevan Molloy Wk2 Smstr2 Clubs Officers Joe Curtin Wk2 Smstr2 Equal Opps Bridget Howard Wk2 smstr2
Societies Officer Marielle Xuereb Wk 2 Smstr2

Student Council Week 10

Student Council Agenda 10th Nov 2015

Student Council Minutes 13th Oct 2015 Week 6

Student Council Minutes 27_10_2015 - Week 8

Student Council Week 6

MINUTES of Week 6 Council meeting Student Council Minutes 13th Oct 2015 Week 6

Student Council Minutes 21_04_2015

Student Council Minutes 29_09_2015 wk 4

Student Council Agenda 13th Oct 2015

Representative Function Budget 2015-2016 5th Draft

Students Union Awards Proposal

Executive Members Reports to Council Week 6

SU President Colin Clarke Wk 6 SU Academic_Marian ODonnell_Wk 6 SU DP Welfare Ciara Corcoran Wk 6
PSU President report _ Seán McKillen_Wk 6 Clubs Officer Report_Joe Curtin_Wk 6 Societies Officer Report_Marielle Xuereb_Wk6
Recreation Report_Oisin Blakely_Wk 6 Equal Opps Report_ Bridget Howard _Wk 6 Faculties Of Report_Grace Bevan Molloy_Wk 6

Student Council Week 4

Student Council Agenda 29th Sept 2015

Students Union Awards Proposal

Student Council Minutes 21_04_2015 - Student Council Minutes 21_04_2015

Student Council Minutes 29_09_2015 wk 4 - Academic Year 2015-2016, Semester 1, Week 4

Executive Members Reports to Council

Update from SU President SC Chairperson Mark Nother Smstr 1 Week 4
DP Welfare Ciara Corcoran report- Sem 1 Wk 4 15-16 UL Equal Opps Chair - Bridget Howard. Just elected. No report due
VP Academic Marian ODonnell Smstr 1 Week 4 UL Experience Chris Collins Smstr 1 Week 4
PSU President Seán McKillen Smstr 1 Week 4 UL Recreation Chair Oisin Taylor Blakely Smstr 1 Week 4


Student's Choice Award

Student's Choice Award 2017

SCAs 2017

The Student Choice awards are a series of awards to celebrate students who go above and beyond during their time in UL. These awards will celebrate UL students’ achievements across a wide array of areas such as student representation, community involvement, sport and personal achievement.

This year we have added an award for the best lecturer in UL. This award is to recognise the hard work done by our lecturers in UL. Lecturers are an intrinsic part of the University teaching us and providing us with the skills to excel in the working world. The recipient of this award will have gone above and beyond for their students over the course of the year.

The event and awards ceremony will highlight all the fantastic triumphs and successes that our students achieve while they are studying in UL.

Click on the links below for the nomination forms.

Simply download the relevant form, fill out and email back to Donal at by 5pm, Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

Class Rep SC 2017

Student Council SC 2017

Sports person SC 2017

Making a difference SC 2017

Lecturer SC 2017

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