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Roberta Harrington

ULSU Welfare

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ULSU Welfare - Roberta Harrington

Hello, hello!


I just want to take this opportunity to welcome you all to UL and to say a massive congratulations on making it this far. What I would give to be starting all over again – you are about to begin the most exciting and memorable four years of your life, and you better believe it!

My name is Roberta Harrington, otherwise known as Bob and I’m delighted to be your Deputy President/Welfare Officer for the coming year. I work very closely with Jack Shelly, your President, and Conor Hussey, your Academic Officer on all things student related to ensure that your time here at UL goes as smoothly as possible.


As great as college life can be, you’ll probably face a few hiccups along the way and that couldn’t be any more normal. When this happens, try not to panic, and come and talk to me! I’m not an expert by any means but if I cannot help you personally, then I will point you in the right direction to someone who can.


I’m here to look after your health and well-being – every aspect of it. Physical health, emotional health, mental health and sexual health all play major roles in your happiness as a student. My best advice would be to start as you mean to go on and I sincerely mean that. After a while, everything becomes habit and you don’t even have to think twice about it. Try to begin your time here at UL making good food choices, making the decision to exercise regularly, being careful with your sexual health (wear a condom!!!) and making sure to socialise at every opportunity to get to know people and start friendships. Healthy body, healthy mind isn’t that the way?


If you find yourself to be struggling financially during college, do not be even slightly embarrassed about it. College can be a very expensive time all things considered between accommodation, travel expenses, academic material, food, and socialising. If you find that you just cannot keep on top of expenses and need some budgeting advice, come and talk to me. Financial aid is also available so make sure and chat to me about it! Over your four years, you may have an issue with a landlord for a number of different reasons. I can offer advice in resolving the problem and make you aware of your rights as a tenant.


A massive part of my job as Welfare Officer is organising events and running campaigns throughout the year. If you have any ideas for either an event or a campaign which you feel would appeal to or help the student population, don’t be shy and let me know about them. We are here to make sure your college experience is as enjoyable as possible, so maybe even one little idea that you have can grow into something fantastic for the whole student population to enjoy. 13,500 heads are better than 3!!! There will be plenty of volunteering opportunities to give back and if you feel there is a worthy charity you feel I should hear about for charity week, then I’m all ears!


In secondary school, you are always told that “once you go out to college now, you’ll be all on your own”. This isn’t true. Do not be afraid to ask for help no matter what the situation, because there are so many student supports available. My door is always open, as is Jack’s, as is Conor’s. Sometimes we want to chat too – don’t forget that! The Students’ Union is great craic – come in for a game of pool, to juice up the fón póca or to fall asleep on a couch in the common room dying of a hangover. We’ll be doing the same very, very regularly!


Make the most of it and every best wish for the year ahead. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Le grá,

Bob :)

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