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Conor Hussey

ULSU Academic

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ULSU Academic - Conor Hussey

Hi everyone!

I want to give a special welcome to all 1 st years, you are beginning the best four years of your life

here at the University of Limerick! Your time here will absolutely fly and you will indulge in a range

of activities that will invigorate, energise and excite you. I would also like to extend a warm welcome

to all other students that are coming back to us. I hope this year can prove to be even better than

the last.

My name is Conor Hussey and I am your Vice President/Academic Officer for the coming year. My

role entails working as part of a team with our President (Jack Shelly) and our Welfare Officer

(Roberta Harrington) and all of the staff in the ULSU representing the students of UL. Our vow is to

do our very best to provide you with the finest university experience possible. Part of my role also

entails representing students at a university level on various committees such as Academic Council

(AC) and Academic Regulations Committee (ARC). These committees discuss a wide range of

academic issues and feedback from you, the student, is a vital component of these committees and

it shapes of the future of your university academically.

I am here to represent you and provide you with any assistance you may need in relation to a host of

academic issues such as;

? Exam Results

? Exam Repeats and Grade Rechecks

? Academic Progression

? Issues with your Lecturer/Tutor/Course

? Anything that Affects your Academic Experience

I also work alongside Liz Gabbett, our Democracy & Development manager. Liz and I work to

develop and facilitate Student Council and the Class Rep structure. Class Reps and the members of

the Student Council are a vital part of ULSU. Both act as a first point of contact with the student

body. They let us know how students are feeling, what we are doing right and most importantly

what we need to improve on. So if you want to make a difference in UL don’t be afraid to get

involved. College is about developing both as a student and a young adult. Don’t be afraid to make

mistakes and try new things. If you find yourself struggling with the academic side of your college

experience, make sure to seek help and assistance. Talk to someone such as a housemate, a

classmate, a counsellor or a member of the sabbatical team. The transition from secondary school to

college life can be a shock to the system, but there are plenty supports in place to make that

transition as smooth as possible. Try and fail and try again! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, all the

lecturers are very helpful, obliging and love getting to know their students. My door is always open

so feel free to call in! You can contact me by phone, by email or any form of social media.

I want to wish you the very best in all of your endeavours in UL. Welcome to the Wolfpack!

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