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I Grade Application Process

6, Apr | 19:36 | Posted By: UL Students Union


Hi All,


This is a very important message as it concerns I-grades, how to apply for them and how they are managed. Please read it carefully and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our academic officer,

Thank you.


I Grade Application Process


The University’s Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures contains the regulations in relation to I grades (section 4.2.3)


I grades can be processed by the Student Health Centre, The Student Counselling Service or the Chaplaincy and the contact details are as follows:-


Student Health Centre - medical related issues -


Student Counselling Service - mental health related issues -


Chaplaincy - Immediate family bereavements -


Below is a summary of the steps for completing an I grade application on medical grounds.  Students applying on the grounds of an immediate family bereavement or on the grounds of mental health issues should contact the relevant service as detailed above for information regarding the process to complete in these instances.


Please note the deadline for completing the I grade process for this semester is midday on Friday 18th May. Students must have completed steps 1 to 3 below before this time.


Student Health Centre (SHC) I Grade Application Process


There are 3 main steps involved:-


  1. Completion of an External Medical Certification form (copy attached).
  2. Appointment with a member of the SHC medical team.
  3. Completion of an online application (medical students complete a hard copy form)

NB! The online form should only be completed after it has been confirmed that the SHC is supporting your application).


External Medical Certification Form

The external Medical Certification form must be completed by your GP, consultant or hospital doctor and presented to a member of the SHC medical team in person unless the certification clearly states that you are incapacitated.

Appointment at the Student Health Centre

A member of the SHC medical team will make a decision based on the information provided as to whether or not he/she can propose your application to the I Grade Committee for consideration.  It is this Committee, not the SHC, which determines the award of I grades.

Appointments can be made by telephone on 061.202.534 or by calling into the SHC Reception.   Please state when making the appointment that it is in relation to an I grade application.

Points to Note

  • Students should not attempt to sit examinations if unfit to do so.  If students knowingly decide to undertake part or all of an examination while unwell, their chances of subsequently obtaining an I grade may be jeopardised.
  • It is possible to apply for more than one I grade and I grades can only be awarded for full modules, not component parts of modules.
  • Students applying for an I grade in the spring semester for an ‘M’ graded module such as a Final Year Project need to submit an application for the associated autumn semester  module as well (please request further information on this if required).
  • Students awarded I grades in the autumn or spring semester who are unable to complete the module requirements by the summer deadline on medical grounds should apply for ‘double I grades’ (please request further information on this if required).


There is a €10 fee for students who present with a completed External Medical certification form.  A €25 fee will apply to students presenting on the day they are ill to the SHC Doctor and who have not completed the External Medical Certification form.

Online Applications

The I grade application process is not complete until you have submitted an online application form. This form will be located on the SHC website at from Monday 23rd of April.

NB! You must have an appointment with a member of the SHC medical team before completing the online application form.  Applications submitted without the support of the SHC will be rejected.

It is advisable to complete the on line form immediately after your appointment at the SHC so that you do not forget. As stated above, the application process is not complete until you have completed the form.

Please select Dr Ronan Ryder from the drop down list on the application form. 

When you submit the online I grade application, an automated email will be sent to your UL email account acknowledging receipt of your application. Please note, if you do not receive an automated email then your application has not been correctly submitted.

Access to the online application form is only available using your UL student computer account username and password.  Students must check well in advance that they are able to login to their UL account.  Students who experience difficulties logging in should send an email to Information Technology Student Support at

Correspondence from the Student Health Centre

It is important that you frequently check your UL email account as we may need to contact you regarding a query with your application.

I Grade Committee Decision

The University I Grade Committee will meet to review all I grade applications after the end of semester examinations have taken place.  You will be notified by official letter of its decision when the semester results have been approved.


Students who are awarded an I grade should contact the academic responsible for the module to determine how the outstanding requirements are to be completed and the deadline for completion of the requirements.


Students with I grades are not required to pay an additional registration fee for completion of the module and the grade is not capped.

Written By: UL Students Union


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I Grade Application Process

Hi All,


This is a very important message as it concerns I-grades, how to apply for them and how they are managed. Please read it carefully and if you have any questions don’t hesit...

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