This Week: It's Week 7 - Next week is SoUL Arts Fest!!!
Next Week: Week 8 - SoUL Arts Fest
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Sinister Fringe Festival 2017

UL Socialists and Socialist Party Limerick are pleased to present the Sinister Fringe Festival 2017. A day of "dangerous ideas": Anti capitalist, pro-choice and Socialist discussion and debate. Free entry. Guest speakers include: Paul Murphy TD, Jess Spear (Socia

Funny Bones

Hello my spooky darlings, and welcome to SoUL week where the spirits of the dead wonder about. UL spooky Comedy Society present to you the spookily titled stand up gig FUNNY BONES!! We feature the souless ginger comedian Fred Cooke as our headline act. A hilarious (and spooky) act, he delivers a blend of musical comedy, which ca

Committee Meeting

UL KMC Committee Meeting! The club committee will have a 2nd official meeting to discuss the points and other club matters during this meeting. Also, the committee will work on developing proper management strategies to make our club very successful this year and to improve the promotion and advertising structure. 

Anime Movie Night (studio Ghibli) Soul w

We will be screening Studio Ghibli films as well as a variety of other great works in the Jonathan Swift for Soul week. We look forward to seeing everyone there for gems like “My Neighbour Totoro” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

Dancing with the Stars

Have you ever dreamed of dancing with the stars? If yes, now is the chance! UL's 2 amazing societies, Dance UL and Astro Soc are delighted to announce a collab event: Dancing with the Stars! On Wednesday, 25th of October we are meeting in front of the White House (president's house) at 8 pm and then go

40x20 Tournament

We will be travelling to Belfast for a 40x20 singles tournament. There will be divisions for players of all abilities


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Ormston House, 9-10 Patrick Street, Lime 12:00 Meet:

Sinister Fringe Festival 2017

UL Socialists and Socialist Party Limerick are pleased to present the Siniste

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Skydive 07:30 Irish Parachute Club & Tandem Ireland


Being the skydive addicts we are, we try to get jumping every weekend :)  We usually...

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