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ULFM Summer Broadcasts

Join us every Monday this summer for three live shows:

11am - Crazy on Classic Rock

12pm - Oblivion

1pm - Crossing the Line


A relaxed & enjoyable atmosphere to practise and improve your tennis and Socialize with new people. COACHING AVAILABLE in SPRING: 15.00-16.00. SESSIONS MAY BE CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER!!

Beginner Training

Training for all members including beginners,especially for beginners, we will just be teaching the basics of the game and having some craic. Come along and bring your friends. The pitches are located behind Kilmurry Village, the field next to the GAA Pitch.

Training Fresher & Senior

Fresher training will begin on 17th September, Senior training the 10th.


Monday Night UL TaeKwonDo Club Training Session...

Parachute Packing Classes

Parachute Packing Classes are open for all members of Skydive UL. Learning how to pack a parachute lessons the cost of skydiving and gets a student skydiver one step closer to receiving their Skydive A Licence.

Games Night!

It's our weekly get together where from Mafia to MOBA'S to Cards Against Humanity, you're guaranteed a really fun night! We play all and any kind of games!

Social Democrats fortnightly meeting

Every fortnight we take the chance to have a casual meeting between our members, just to take a chance to get to know each other better and generally discuss whatever we want. Come along to be socail and to be democratic.

Meetings will take place on 25th of January, 9th and 23rd of Febuary, the 8th and 22th of March, the 5th and 19th of April.

Between these fortnightly we will be running other activities so keep your eyes peeled to our facebook page for more info.

Training - Novices/Beginners

Challenge fellow, or potential members to a game of chess, or simply learn how to play the game in a friendly casual enviornment!


Training on the new pitches near Cappavilla and the Health Science building - North Campus


One Wall training for all levels of experience, beginners to advanced.


The ladies hockey is open to undergrads, postgrads, staff, alumni and external members. We train every Monday and Wednesday evening on the UL Astroturf pitch located between the PESS building and Kilmurry Village. Feel free to email us at if you've any questions!

Climbing Wall

Indoor climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world come to the wall and see why. Not only is it fun and good exercise but it helps you learn the skills you need to start climbing outdoors. There will be always people there to show you around and help you.

Out in UL weekly members' meeting

Our weekly members' meetings are a safe-space where members can come and socialise. Each meeting is different, where we might have a discussion topic, presentation or just play games.

We are open to all gender and sexuality minorities, as well as allies. Every week we'll send you an email to let you know what's happening at the next meeting.

We uphold strict confidentiality rules, so there should be no need to worry about being outed.

After every meeting we head to Scholars for more chats, in a very relaxed, laid back environment.

If you have any questions at all, just drop an email to!

See you all there!

Stand-up Comedy Workshop

Interested in trying your hand at Stand-up comedy? Then come along on Monday nights at 7pm where you can learn tip and tricks, as well as honing your material to get ready for the stage! Members also take part in our regular Scholar's gigs, so if you think this is for you, come along!

Pool Tournament

These tournaments are used to gain points for earning a place on one of the Intervarsity teams that will travel to Dundalk on the first weekend of February 2012. So come along and enjoy the high standard of pool and craic and experience on offer.

Caving - SRT Training

Gone on a caving trip and interesting in learning more about the techniques used in more complicated caves? This training is for you! Come to the Boathouse and from there you will be brought to where the training will take place. More Info E-mail


Training is open to anyone interested. Beginners are welcome. If you have any queries please contact one of the committee.

ULMS - Voice Sessions

Hey guys!
This our main activity on the Voice side of things. We hold a song session every monday night in the Academy building. Anyone that has an interest in singing or arranging popular songs are incouraged to come along :D 
During the year we will prepare, araange and perform songs at a mid-semester performance and an end of semester showcase! 

Pizza Night

Pizza night is where we all get together and eat pizza :) have a chat and get to know everyone.

Women's Senior Training

This is training for the senior players in the college. This team play in the college league Divison 1.. In that conference we will know in Aug 2017. 

UL Music Soc Tech Training

Want to learn how to use a mixing desk, do sound, lights and setup a pa?
Join us in the UL Music Room (ULSU), to learn how. Every Monday.

Advanced Training

First night of training each week. Please be on time to allow for a quick and easy set up of gear and equipment.

Team Training

Team training for members of Limerick League teams. Four courts available for first hour, two available for the remainder of the time.

Men's Senior Training

The Men's Senior team training takes place at this time. Contact Jamie @ for more details

Men's Div. 1 Team Training

The Men's Junior Team details, please check Facebook Page for more details.

Ladies soccer training

Ladies soccer training Mondays at 8.30 at North campus (near cappavilla / GEMS), registration being taken at dressing rooms at 20:10, wk 2.


Weekly training session for both novice and experienced boxers!  Make sure to pre-register on with the boxing club.  Any questions message us on Facebook @ UL Boxing Club or email us @

Open Mic

UL Music Society host an Open Mic night in the Stables Club Sat 21:00.
All welcome and free pint for all muscians that play. Maximum 3 songs.

Open Mic

Come down and sing a song with our guitar provided on the night or sing on your own if you're feeling brave! There's a free drink for all acts who perform on the night!

Training for all members

Training for all members of the club. Six courts available.

Skills and match practice

All the skills of the game will be fine tuned, fitness will be improved and we will have some match practice.


Training will take place in the 25m Format (widths). This session caters for all abilities within the club.


Trails/Street Spin

Weather permitting pizza night is followed by a bike ride around the campus working on trials/street techniques and having a laugh.

SofA Soccer

The SofA Soccer legue will take place in the University Arena on Monday nights at 10pm - 11pm

The teams are as follows:

Team 1: Michael, Colin, Niamh, Alan & Paul

Team 2: Mark, Eoran, Eimear, John Allen & Eamonn

Team 3: James, Kris, Aisling, John B. & Sean C

Team 4: Peter D, Jenny, Dejan, Gavin, & Phil

Team 5: Conor, Dorde, Clare, Ronan & James

Team 6: Andrew, Padraig, Fionnula, Ray & Brian


Week 1 [10/10] Team 1 vs Team 2 - Team 3 vs Team 4 - Team 5 vs Team 6

Week 2 [17/10] Team 1 vs Team 4 - Team 2 vs Team 5 - Tean 3 vs Team 6

Week 3 [24/10] Team 4 vs Team 5 - Team 2 vs Team 6 - Team 1 vs Team 3

Week 4 [07/11] Team 2 vs Team 3 - Team 1 vs Team 5 - Team 4 vs Team 6

Week 5 [14/11] Team 3 vs Team 5 - Team 1 vs Team 6 - Team 2 vs Team 4

Fresher Training (Men & Woman)

This is a session that is only for Freshers. Both the Men & Woman train on this morning. We train until the Fresher Tournament which is on Nov 25th / 26th.

Ladies Training

Ladies training on in the same place as beginner training, open to all female players

Anime Hangout

Weekly Hangouts are the time where we meet and hang out with each other. We talk about anime, manga etc. This is a time when the society grow to know each other. We also run workshops for cosplay and drawing during hangouts as well as the occasional Japanese  snack tasting.

Weekly Meeting

Our weekly society meeting to discuss society initiatives, progress, and events.

Language Evening

Our Language Evening takes place every Tuesday from 6-8pm in the Sports Bar! It allows participants the where you will have the opportunity to talk with members in whatever language you wish. Since we have members from all over the world, these are great opportunities for people studying languages to practice their skills in any language as well as anyone with an interest in language in general! We hope to see you there!

Men's Qur'an Class

We are glad to announce, that the ISOC will be holding a brothers' Qur'an Memorisation class (Halaqa) every Tuesday from 6 to 7 PM, The Halaqa will be held in the the Kemmy Business School (KBG10) inshaAllah. 
Please invite any brother that you know. We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!

If you have any queries please feel free to message us on Facebook at:

or contact us at:


Regular Training- 1 hour beginner friend

Regular training open to those of all ability levels. If you have little experience in martial arts the first hour is directed at teaching the basics- but allows for more complicated training for those with experience.

The second hour is primarily for experienced members but all are welcome to stay to observe or join in if you would like.

Lecture Series

The CFT trainee and club diver lecture series, covering all theoretical aspects of diving, including equipment, physics, emergency action and medical first response. Essential for any aspiring diver!


Travelling to alleys near the university to train for the Intervarsities. Meeting in East gate carpark

Distance session

Distance runners begin warming up from 6.15pm, session starts at 6.45pm - meet behind the track at the entrance to the pitch/corner of carpark.

UL Trampoline Club Training

Trampoline & Gymnastics Training @ 7pm SHARP, please arrive @ 6.50pm.
-Full session: 7-10pm
-Tuesdays are our longer sessions with all 6-7 stations running in 20minute rotations
(x4 Trampolines, DMT, Airtrack, Core, Flexibilty & Conditioning, Floor Gymnastics, Acro & Twister).

Make like a tramp and bounce along!! :)

Speaker Development

We are starting back our Speaker Development get togethers Tuesday 24th January in the Kemmy Business School room 12 (The large lecture hall). Our Speaker Development classes are aimed at improving your speaking technique, broadening your knowledge base by way of group discussions and introducing you to competitive debating, in a fun and friendly environment. New members are always welcome so feel free to come along!

Improv Comedy Workshops

With no preparation necessary, it's our ever popular Improv workshops! For fans of shows like "Who's line is it anyway?", this is for you. Learn to think on your feet and play in fun single and group games. Leading up to one of our very popular Improv shows! It'll be a blast

Capoeira training sessions

Play the Brazillian dance-fight game in UL - also Thursdays, same time, same place.

Weekly Members Meeting

All members are welcome to join our weekly meeting every Tuesday evening at 7pm. Each week we chat about different topics relating to feminism, have discussions and then head to Scholars afterwards for more chats and some drinks!

Capoeira training

Join us for any of our capoeira training sessions and experience the wonderful game of capoeira while at the same time improving your fitness, balance, coordination and flexibility. We also train on Thursdays, same time, same place. New members are always welcome!

Airsoft meeting

We have room 3 in the Students Union booked on Tuesday nights 7pm-9pm. If you have any questions or would like to join, feel free to drop by.

Darts Tournaments

Darts Tournaments held weekly, all standard players are catered for so please come along and have a great night drinking and throwing a few darts.

Pool Training

Weekly pool training where our members can put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

SCUBA skills are mastered in the safety of the UL Arena pool before members take to the open water.

Sailing Sesh

As the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, the time out on the water is getting more limited as winter approaches. But, don’t worry! From next week 8th Feburay on there will be a sailing session, on every Thursday from 7:45pm till 8:45pm. Venue is to be confirm next week. It is social bonding session with all the sailing and exchanging the knowledge and experience together among sailor. The topic discussion will be different each week and we had sailing instructor to help out in the session to introduce you to different discussion topic. It is beginner welcome session. You do not need to sign up for this event you just need to turn up. stay tune by click interested on our facebook event
We will be announce each week discussion topic in Facebook and email each week if you would like to be notice please click interested! 


Mens Senior Training

This is training for the senior players in the college. This team play in the college league Divison 1.. In that conference awe will know for Aug 2017

Bible Study!

This is a relaxed Bible study led by either students or speakers either affiliated with the college or different local churches. They're interactive, topical based and interesting. The meetings start at 8 so if you're interested in seeing the CU or what our Bible studies are about then feel free to just pop in for some tea and a chat.

Fencing Practice

Fencing practice!  All skill levels welcome, we will usually start with some exercises, then move to drilling, and finally, fencing matches and bladework.  Be sure to bring comfortable workout clothes and shoes, and a water bottle (if you'd like!). 

We tend to adjust each practice to the level of each group, and what each group wants to work on.  

Looking forward to seeing you all at practice!

Parkour Training

We'll be starting back training in Week 2! We'll be kicking the semester off by introducing all our new members to the basic techniques they'll need to be safe, strong, competent and impressive traceurs! We meet in the PESS building 20:15-22:30 every Tuesday.

September is a great time of year to be joining. There'll be tones of new people who will be joining with no previous experience and loads of returning members there to help out! Be sure to wear clothes you're comfortable running around in and bring a nice big bottle of water!

Weekly Meeting

this week well be meeting up in stables at 8.30 to film the macras hooley, then over to scholars at nine to film the alternative ms.UL. culchie clothes optional!

General Club Pool Session

Come down to the pool for a bit of craic and learn a few skills with our informal sessions! All you need is is togs and a towel. We are in the pool from 9:45 till 10:45 so get down a few mins early to get set up :D For more info check out! See you on the water!

Focus Group

Focus Group is for selected players to develop their strength and conditioning and rugby skills.

Console Day

Consoles ranging from the NES to current gen consoles such as PS4 and Xbox ONE are set up in the room with a large selection of games. Feel free to drop in for a bit and play whatever takes your fancy!

Beginners Sailing

Meet outside the archway lading to the stables on the main road at 1pm. change of clothes and towel advisable. 3euro towards petrol for your driver. Enjoy!

Golf Competition

18 Hole Competition in Castletroy GC every Wednesday. Single Stableford/Scramble Confirm on facebook page if you are attending. Prizes on offer. Cost is 15e

Open Session / Pick up Games

This session is for all the people who may not want to be part of a competitive team but still enjoy basketball. You are still a member of the club so you get all the information and the opportunity to get the same gear as the others.. We will also run an internal league at these sessions for those interested. 

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