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Do you sell stamps?

Unfortunately not, however the post room in the main building does. The room number is BO034


Where will we get pool cues for upstairs?

You can get them at students’ union reception. You must hand in one student card per pool cue to monitor who is upstairs at all times.


What are the stickers on the back of UL student I.D. cards for?

The stickers are for Club Membership for the on campus bars as they are members only clubs. You will not be allowed enter the bars on campus without your membership. You must be over 18 to purchase your sticker.


Do you replace student cards?

Student Academic Administration replaces student cards for €10.


Do you print here?

There are printers upstairs that print scan and photocopy in A4 and A3, black and white and colour. Cards for these are €6 and can be bought from reception.


Do you have a lost and found?

Lost items generally get handed in to SU reception, the security hut or main university reception.


Do you sell tickets for nightclubs?

We sell tickets for DIE (Dolans) and Crush 87 Nightclub.


Who do I ask about issues with lecturers/tutors/dropping out/changing course?

You can ask your Academic Officer, Marian O'Donnell. Her email address is


Do you have a counselling service?

There is a counselling service in the main building. The room number CM-072. is the contact for the counselling service. Alternatively, you can speak to the Welfare Officer Ciara Corcoran. is her email address.


Where can you get lab coats and safety glasses?

You can buy them from SU reception.Lab Coats are €14.95 and Safety goggles are €4.95

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