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Grade Rechecks?

Students can apply for a grade recheck up to two weeks following their exam results.Remember grades can be lowered by a recheck, sobe sure you really believe the grade awarded is incorrect before applying. There is a €25 deposit (€50 for teaching practice) payable with the form (refundable if the grade is changed). Click below for the grade recheck form.

grade recheck form

How do I check my results?

Your results will be available here on a date prescribed by Student Academic Administration (SAA). You must enter your ID, password (which you got at the start of 1st year) and your date of birth. If you cannot remember your password please contact SAA.


How do I go about viewing my exam scripts?

You apply to the relevant department (not necessarily your own department) to view your exam scripts.So for example if your paper is a History one, you apply to the History Department even if history is a minor option. If it is a law exam, you apply to the Law Department, even if you take Law as a minor.


QCA and Discretionary Bands?

Information regarding QCA calculation can be locatedInformation regarding QCA can be located here Information/Results Information/QCA Calculation


Sick / Bereavement during exams?

Students who are sick during the exam period or experience a death of a person close to them areeligible for an I-grade. If you are ill, then you must get a letter from your own doctor to this effect and present it to the medical centre in the university or you must go directly to the university medical centre to be assessed for a cert. This is the same procedure for bereavement and mental health issues in which you contact the Chaplaincy / Counselling service respectfully.


I sat repeat exams and did badly. What do I do?

If you have deficient grades (i.e. you have an F/NG, or your QCA is below 2.0) you will receive notification in the form of a letter from the university. You must fill in that form and pay the fees to the Fees Office (€568 per module) by the deadline.


My timetable is missing modules, what’s wrong with it?

There are many explanations as to why your timetable may be missing modules; not having pre-registered correctly last semester, not having registered correctly this semester, your course may be undergoing ECTS standardisation (BBS 4th year) or there may just be a mistake in the system. Mistakes in your timetable may mean that you are not registered for your exams. If you experience a missing module contact t Student Academic Administration (SAA) immediately.


Can I change the exam timetable if I have a number of exams in the same day?

Yes. A provisional exam timetable will be sent out around Week 9. It is your responsibility to read this and request a change if you need one. You can do this by contacting your Class Rep.


Why do I have to register in Week 1?

You have to register in Week 1 to confirm your module choices for the year, if you have any. If you don’t have module choices, then you must register to ensure that you are able to sit your exams.


Why do I have to pre-register in Week 5?

You have to pre-register to ensure that you can do the modules you want to the following semester. If you do not pre-resister you may not be able to take the classes that you want to.


What do I do if my lecturer has not given my class a module outline?

If your lecturer has not given your class a module outline, report it to the Education Officer, Aoife (or Ed) immediately. It is against the rules for a lecturer not to provide his/her class with a module outline. If your lecturer does give you a module outline, make sure you read it thoroughly!


What do I do if my lecturer gives course work that is not on the course outline?

The course outline is supposed to be the “contract” between the lecturer and the students. The seriousness of the breach/whether there is a breach at all depends on the circumstances. Contact your Class Rep with any issues of this nature.


How do I drop out of my course?

In order to drop out of UL, you must complete an Exit form. Please click on this ( and submit the form to SAA (in the the Main Building).


If I drop out how much will I be liable for in fees?

If you drop out now, you will be liable for a full years’ fees for your new course. This applies irrespective of whether you pursue a course in UL or another institution. For information on how much the fees will be (as they vary from course to course), contact the Fees Office on 061-202026.


What do I do if I’m having trouble with my FYP supervisor?

Speak to the supervisor first about any issues that you are having. After the supervisor the next port of call is the Head of Department or your Course Director for assistance.


Where do I bring complaints about my course?

Complaints about the course go to your Class Rep who can bring them directly to the Lecturer or Course Director or to Course Board. If you don’t know who your Class Rep is, please consult the live Excel file.


I’ve no exam timetable, why is this?

There may be a number of reasons why you may not have an exam timetable. One could be that you are not a registered student. Contact SAA (in the Main Building) in order to find out what may be wrong.

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