This Week: It's Summer Break
Next Week: Still Summer Break

What the Hell is ENTS?

THIS WEEK IS CHARITY WEEK! Keep any eye on social media for all updates and pictures!

Ents is short for Entertainments and so it's our job to make fun & shenanigans happen for you guys throughout your time in college. We organise regular events throughout the year, as well as organising Charity Week, the biggest social week of the Academic Calendar. We also have cool competitions and giveaways available on our Facebook & Twitter accounts over the year and can hook you up and your class up with cheap entry into clubs in town and further afield.

Basically our job is to make party happen for you nice people as best we can!

We have venues on campus such as The Stables Courtyard, The Scholars, The Swift Theatre, The Jean Monnet Theatre and The Students' Centre Courtyard where we hold events. We also run events in town and work with various nightclubs and venues in town. In other words, we try our best to do something for everyone's tastes!

We also look after Class Parties & Mystery Tours for you guys, so get onto your Class Rep and s/he can pop into us to arrange a night out for your class. We have special deals in place with loads of pubs & clubs in town, as well as away in the likes of Galway, Cork, Waterford, Dublin, and Carlow, so wherever your class is going, pop in first and see what we can sort for you.


Keep your eye out on the Students' Union website, An Focal and on our Ents posters around campus for upcoming events! We're also available on Facebook (ULSUEnts) and Twitter (@ULSUEnts). We even have a Snapchat account (ULSUEntsMonkey) where our purple monkey sends out exclusive deals and offers. We'll have some of the best comedians in the business, great bands and some other phenomenal acts throughout the year!

That's just a taste of the first semester. Don't forget Charity Week, the Tri-Faculty Ball, and the First Year Ball and a whole lot of other stuf's happening in the upcoming semester!

Every Thursday night it's the Official UL Student Night out in Crush 87 Nightclub & The Orchard in town. 


What's Going On

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WindSports 17:00 UL Arena Pitch

Kite Control Session

The session has no limited on participator's level so the beginner is welcome. The trip...
Karate Shotokan 18:00 PESS Gym

Regular Training- 1 hour beginner friend

Regular training open to those of all ability levels. If you have little experience in...
Ultimate Frisbee 18:00 Maguires

Ladies Training

Ladies training on in the same place as beginner training, open to all female players
Anime and Manga 18:00 Students Union

Anime Hangout

Weekly Hangouts are the time where we meet and hang out with each other. We talk about...
Music 18:00 Room 3, Students Union

ULMS - Beginner Tinwhistle/Song Classes

This year we have started Traditional song and tinwhistle classes for any beginner. These...
International 18:00 UL Sports Bar

Language Evening

Our Language Evening takes place every Tuesday from 6-8pm in the Sports Bar! It allows...
Games 18:00 EGO10

Fighting Games Weeklies

Every Tuesday night, Fighting game players, inside and outside of UL compete weekly...
Athletics 18:15 UL Outdoor Track

Distance session

Distance runners begin warming up from 6pm, session starts at 6.30pm - meet behind the...
Trampoline 18:50 PESS Sports Hall

UL Trampoline Club Training

Trampoline & Gymnastics Training @ 7pm SHARP, please arrive @ 6.50pm. -Full sessi
Debating Union 19:00 KBG12

Speaker Development

We are starting back our Speaker Development get togethers Tuesday 24th January in the...
Handball 19:00 Handball alleys


Travelling to alleys near the university to train for the Intervarsities. Meeting in East...
Comedy 19:00 SG17, Schumann Building

Stand-up Comedy Workshop

Interested in trying your hand at Stand-up comedy? Then come along on...
Capoeira 19:00 Main hall, PESS Building

Capoeira training sessions

Play the Brazillian dance-fight game in UL - also Thursdays, same time, same place.
Feminist 19:00 SG19

Weekly Members Meeting

All members are welcome to join our weekly meeting every Tuesday evening at 7pm. Each...
Capoeira 19:00 PESS Building

Capoeira training

Join us for any of our capoeira training sessions and experience the wonderful game of...
Airsoft 19:00 Students Union room 3 (upstair

Airsoft meeting

We have room 3 in the Students Union booked on Tuesday nights 7pm-9pm. If you have any...
Pool & Darts 19:30 Kilmurry Lodge Bar

Darts Tournaments

Darts Tournaments held weekly, all standard players are catered for so please come along...
Basketball 20:00 UL Sport Arena Court 1

Mens Senior Training

This is training for the senior players in the college. This team play in the college...
Music 20:00 Room 3

ULMS - Irish Traditional Song Sessions

Come and join in with a traditional singing session! All genres of Irish traditional
Fencing 20:15 PESS Building

Fencing Practice

Fencing practice!  All skill levels welcome, we will usually start with some...
Parkour 20:15 PESS Gym


We'll be starting back training on Tuesday the 18th of Sept! Week 2! We'll be...
ULTV 20:30 stables/scholars

Weekly Meeting

this week well be meeting up in stables at 8.30 to film the macras hooley, then over to...
Sub Aqua 20:45 UL Arena Pool

Pool Training

Weekly pool training where our members can put their theoretical knowledge into...
American Football 21:00 UL Arena

Team Gym Session

Private Gym session in the National Strength & Conditioning Centre in the UL Arena,...
Kayak 21:35 UL Arena 50m Pool

General Club Pool Session

Come down to the pool for a bit of craic and learn a few skills with our informal...

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Get Involved!

We are always looking for people with an interest to get involved with Events, Join the Helper Monkeys, our voluntary event crew if you are interested in getting a look at behind the scenes on events. The type of work you can be asked to do can vary greatly but can include everything from: Event Production, Event Marketing, Artist Liaison Work,

Interested in Photography or Videography? If you would like to get involved in recording, taking photos or writing about any SU events just drop an email to - It's a great way to build your portfolio.

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