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I'm not arguing, I'm simply explaining why I'm right

The University of Limerick Debating Union (UL DebU) is one of the oldest societies on campus and is 47 years old this year! DebU holds public debates on issues of public interest and current affairs as well as private members motions on more entertaining issues just for members. Past debates have included the legalisation of drugs, abortion, leaving the European Union and the Irish presidential election. We have hosted a multitude of guest speakers including David Norris, Max Keiser, Garrett Fitzgerald, Julie Bindel, Eamonn O Cuiv, The Rubber Bandits and George Hook are to name but a few. Most Irish universities are active in debating and DebU consistently competes in competitions both in Ireland and abroad. The Ciaràn Tracey and the University of Limerick Open are two of our own internal events both held in March. The UL Open attracts some of the best debaters in Ireland, Britain. DebU has attended both the European and World debating championships for many years. Speaker Development takes place every Thursday at 7pm in KBG. Like our UL Debating Union page for more information. We strive to create a relaxed, informal setting where people can work on improving their public speaking. We aim to practice and hone the skills necessary to compete in debates and discuss controversial issues. Even if you just want to come along, meet friends and hang out in a comfortable and educational environment, we'd love to see you!

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