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Greyhound Society

''We're gone to the dogs!''

Hello and welcome to the University of Limerick Greyhound Racing Society. This is currently the only greyhound society of its kind in Ireland. We are a group of students who share a passion for greyhounds and want to spread this interest to the wider student community. We want to promote the sport of greyhound racing with emphasis on the youth. We will promote animal welfare as our top priority by working closely with the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust. We aim to create an exciting experience for new comers as we visit the leading trainers' kennels around the country and by also attending Ireland's leading tracks. We also look forward to following and supporting greyhounds which we have been given shares in. Did you know that greyhounds make great pets? They are among the most friendly and loyal breeds of dogs in the world. We want to spread knowledge just like this so that greyhounds become appreciated for the beautiful animals that they are. So whether you come from a greyhound background or wouldn't know a greyhound's arse from its head!! We encourage you to come along and join us. Our Facebook page is updated regularly with details of meetings, events and fun activities.

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