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UL Give Society

UL - it's in you to GIVE!

UL GIVE is a charity organization run by UL Graduate Entry Medical Students that fundraises for hospitals in Tanzania and directs money raised at cost effective projects that improve the quality of health and medical care for local residents. Each academic year, UL GIVE raises money that will be split to fund projects at three hospitals. A strong effort is being made to fund public health initiatives that will benefit the largest number of people for the amount of money spent. Continued funding is provided year after year to maintain the investments of previous years. In addition to our funding of projects, UL medical students spend three weeks completing medical electives alongside staff in these same hospitals. This provides UL students excellent exposure to medical conditions infrequently seen in Ireland, and allows GIVE to determine which projects should be funded by the charity. All the money raised by the charity goes directly to the hospitals while the medical students that travel pay their own costs. Last year, we raised over 17,000 Euro in support of UL GIVE and the hospitals, topping out the previous year! We are not limited to medical students however. Events are run throughout the year, by UL GIVE or independently by students on behalf of UL GIVE, from all faculties and years. Bake sales, car boot sales, mystery bus tours - these are examples of non-medical student run events. The medical students also do a trivia pub night a couple times a year, as well as blood pressure clinics around Limerick. If you want to get involved, become our friend on Facebook, “like” our page and register on UL Wolves. You can come out and participate or you can help us run events. Time commitment can be determined by yourselves, so it is extremely flexible. Hope to see you soon!

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