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Africa Society

Amidst our differences lies our strengh

We are a group of students who are interested in the culture, lifestyle and wish to gain more knowledge about the Continent of Africa. This is a space where friendships and knowledge can be gained. Join us as we explore the diversity of Africa and shed light on the food, music and dance, fashion, history and rich culture.

We at The UL Airsoft society welcome anyone who wants to be part of our organisation. We are a new society as of 2016. We will have a variety of events planned for this year such as day trips out where you can improve, and hone your skills or dominate the enemy on the battlefield. If you are interested and want to have a great time sign up and get in touch we will keep you posted. To find out more you can email us through We hope to hear from you soon!


Anime and Manga Society

More Addictive Than Netflix

The Anime and Manga Society was formed around an interest and love for Japanese animation, comics, art and culture. We wanted to share our interests and knew there were many like-minded people who would love to get together to discuss and enjoy it. Our small desire to spend our time with people with similar interests formed the society we all hold dear to us today. For those among you who do not know what Anime and Manga is, Anime is Japanese Animation. It comes in a wide variety of genres and drawing styles and we can promise that we'll be able to find a series you'll enjoy! Manga are Japanese comic books. Often Manga are first released and then an Anime would be made out of the same series. Although the society is still young our first few years were extremely fun and rewarding, running a whole array of events. These included trips to the Experience Japan Weekend in Dublin and Eirtakon, Ireland's biggest anime convention as well as attending other conventions and hosting a variety of all night extravaganzas with screenings hangouts and cosplay competitions. The society won the award for “Best New Society” in the Board of Irish College Societies (BICS) and we consider it a great honour to have received this reward. With The Games Society we also ran Brocon, a Gaming, Anime and Manga convention over the summer here in the University. The society runs two weekly events currently but often ends up running more special events during the week. On Tuesdays we run a hangout where people can talk about things anime and relax with their friends while reading manga , showing off cosplay and their drawing skills to other members , it's a place where we have fun and make connections within the society. This runs in the Students Union from 6pm onwards On Thursdays we run Anime screenings in the Kemmy Business School. We screen Anime (Japanese animated shows)of all genres and we decide what to watch each week before the screenings. ALL EVENTS WILL BE STARTING WEEK 1!


Architecture Society

Society of Architecture

SofA is a cultural organisation that promotes art, design and architecture in all of its forms! We host lectures, travel around the world, have exhibitions and much much more! We are dedicated to exploring spreading the word about what's happening in the vast world of design right now. Membership is a must have for all artists, architects, product designers and graphic designers - all creative power houses and anyone with an interest in the above!


Astronomy Society

Stargazing since March 2017, Keep looking up.

Astro Soc is UL's first space-based society. For those interested in the awe-inspiring expanses of the universe we call home. From stargazing and guest speakers, to movie nights and long discussions about the cosmos, here at UL Astronomy Society we are brought together by our love of all things space.


Christian Union Society

UL Christian Union

UL Christian Union is group of students at the University, brought together through a common faith in Jesus, a common desire to know him better, and do God's work on campus by spreading the Good News of the Gospel. ULCU is an inter-denominational society. MAIN MEETINGS: Tuesdays, 8PM, Teach Fáilte (Chaplaincy). Curious? If you're not sure about us, and would just like a chat, come along to Teach Failte (opposite the SU) about 9:30pm to 10:30pm after our main meeting, and we'll give you a nice cup of tea and a bicky. Like our Facebook page or feel free to email. Everybody's welcome!


Comedy Society

Comedy Society- Dealing Craic since 2011

Heading into our fifth year as a society, UL Comedy Society just keeps getting better and better! From our humble beginnings 4 years ago, we are now one of the most prominent and vocal societies on campus. Last year we won the C&S award for best event and were nominated for best society event at BICS and best Intervarsity! We are your craic merchants for all things Comedy related, whether you want to perform or just meet like minded people to discuss and appreciate your favourite movies, TV shows or comedians. We run three workshops a week. Creative Comedy Writing (Sketch) focuses on the writing process behind comedy sketches and is also where we'll be filming! Here you can learn tips on the writing process, as well as collaborating with people or different projects that can be filmed and uploaded to our Youtube page. Our very popular Stand-up workshops are where you can write and test stage material in front of a supportive group, and where you can hone your craft for one of our many gigs in UL. This a stress free and newbie safe environment so even if you've never performed before we can help you give it a go! Our Improv workshops are for those who enjoy improvising on the spot, and is great fun that requires no preparation! We run tons of events over the year that is open for anyone to attend. Our Stand-up gigs in The Scholar's Bar are always packed, with 3-4 running per semester. We also run special events and collaborations with other societies, such as panel shows, quizzes and plays. Societies we collaborated with last year included Drama, Fan Forum, Global Aid, Photography and ULFM. Our weekly ULFM radio show "Republic of Radio" features a rotating cast of Comedy Society members, immense banter and basically mocking the week. This year we will also be filming our very first sitcom set in UL! So if you've ever wanted to act, audition later on in the semester and get involved! We run weekly trips in Limerick City to attend stand-up gigs run by "The Filibusters",Treaty Comedy Club and Dolan's, and also do a lot of fun trips away! So how much for all this you ask? A meagre €3? You're having a laugh! Well for once we're not. For less than the price of a pint you get to join UL Comedy Society for a whole year. You don't get craic that cheap anywhere else!


Computer Society

Computer Society

The Computer Society is for people who are interested in computers and computer software. Some areas we are particularly interested in are: Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Computer Games Education and Outreach We run weekly meetups, sometimes on a computer-related topic, and sometimes just a chat over a beverage! We also run tech-related talks periodically. Past speakers have come from such organisations as Google, Microsoft, Havok, AIB,, xkcd, and FreeBSD. From time to time, we've run a conference known as Skycon. At the last Skycon in October 2012, the keynote speakers were Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical (Ubuntu) and Randall Munroe of XKCD. We run tutorials through the year across a range of computing topics. Some of these will be aimed at introducing members to our computing cluster (see below!). Others will venture further into the weird and wonderful in the world of computing. There are computer/networking societies in some of the other universities in the country. We come together under the banner of Intersocs. Some of the society's events for the year will involve meeting up with the other socs for social and tech events. There's also an Intersocs IRC server. At the heart of the society is the computing cluster affectionately known as Skynet. The society grew from a project by a few students in 1992 to build a Linux server in their bedroom in Plassey village so the cluster has a special place in our hearts to this day. What started as a single 486 PC is now a cluster of enterprise level servers running Ubuntu. Machine names include Skynet, Gir, Calculon and Caro - all machines are named after artifical intelligences from film and tv. All members of the society are entitled an account on the cluster and can use its services. The cluster is operated and maintained by an administration team that is drawn from the general membership of the society. Training is provided for members who wish to become admins. Many of our former admins have found the experience gained on Skynet invaluable in their professional life. Indeed many have gotten work based on the admin experience they gained on Skynet. Services provided on Skynet include: e-mail Web Hosting IRC Online Storage Skynet is also the platform on which the UL Wolves site runs and the Computer Society plays a significant role in supporting the C&S Signup Event each year. Look out for us there in Week 1.

Fáilte mór romhat chuig Cumann Gaelach Ollscoil Luimnigh! Is cumann muid a bunaíodh chun mac léinn a bhfuil spéis acu sa Ghaeilge a tharraingt le chéile chun an teanga a chéiliúradh, a labhairt agus a spreagadh ar champas na hollscoile. Ag croílár an chumainn, ‘sé ár bpaisean agus ár ngrá dár teanga dhúchais agus déanfaimíd ár seacht ndícheall chun í a úsáid chomh minic agus is féidir i slí neamhfhoirméalta go laethúil. Díríonn an Cumann ar thaobh soisialta na Gaeilge. Is é beatha teanga í a labhairt, agus dá bhrí din déanfaimíd sáriarracht an bhéim iomlán a leagadh ar labhairt na Gaeilge amháin seachas an taobh leadránach a d’fhoghlaimíomar ar scoil! Is í príomhaidhm an Chumainn ná daoine le Gaeilge a tharraingt le chéile chun cairdeas a chothú, imeachtaí soisialta a reachtáil agus sproí bheith again – trí mhéan na Gaeilge. Tá fáilte is fiche roimh GACH AON DUINE a bhfuil suim acu don teanga, fiú muna bhfuil ach cúpla focal agat! So bígí linn, bígí gaelach agus ná dean dearmad – Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam. ------------------------------------------------------------------- A massive welcome to Cumann Gaelach Ollscoil Luimnigh! We are a society set up especially for students with an interest in our beautiful Irish language. We aim to bring these students together to celebrate Irish, to speak it and to promote it around the campus. At the very heart of the society is our passion and our great love for our native language and we do our utmost best to use it as often as we can and in a non-formal setting. We focus on the social aspect of Irish. The way of a language is to speak it, and because of that, we make a big effort to emphasise the speaking of Irish rather than the boring old academic stuff we had to learn at school. Our main aim is to bring speakers and lovers of Irish together to create friendships, to organise social events and basically just to have a bit of craic – through Irish of course! Absolutely everybody is welcome, even if you only have a cúpla focal! So come join us, and don’t forget the old saying, "A country without a language is a country without a soul". So bí i i dteagmhail Linn! Twitter - GaeilgeUL


Dance UL Society

Dance UL: Life is Better With a Beat

Set up in October 2008, Dance UL teaches a range of classes in Ballet, Hip Hop, Irish Dance, Jazz, Contemporary, and Zumba. Dance UL has also hosted workshops by guest choreographers to include different styles such as Swing Dance, Gypsy Dance, Urban Choreography, Heels, Dancehall, and more. The society's aim is to cultivate a fun and supportive environment where students are enabled to learn, practice, and perform a variety of different styles of dance. Dance UL also offers competitive opportunities in the form of Intervarsity Hip Hop, Jazz, Irish Dance, Contemporary and Mixed teams, which compete every year at the All Ireland Intervarsity Dance Competition. Dance UL has placed in at least one category at Intervarsities almost every year since first competing in 2009: 2009: First place in the Mixed category 2010: Three first place and one third place awards (out of four categories) 2012: First place in Jazz and second place in Hip Hop 2013: Second place in Jazz and third place in both Hip Hop and Irish Dance 2014: First place in both Hip Hop and Irish Dance 2015 (Hosted by UL): First place Hip Hop and Contemporary and third place in Irish Dance 2016: Third place in Contemporary Dance UL has also been granted other awards at the annual Clubs and Societies Ball, including "Best New Club" in 2009, "Best Event" for hosting Intervarsities in 2015, and "Best Fresher" in 2017. In 2016, Dance UL collaborated with Crooked Teeth, an independent film company, to create "project:ULtimate" - a short dance film based on the 2016 varsity Mixed piece. Dance UL is also available for many other events and collaborations! We have performed in fashion shows, in Limerick City for City of Culture, flashmobs, at Queerbash, and every year at the Clubs and Societies Ball. We also hold semi annual table quizzes, where fellow dancers and UL Wolves members can meet and socialise. Stay tuned via our social media outlets to keep up to date with current news and dance opportunities! Dancers from all levels and backgrounds are more than welcome to participate in any classes, workshops or auditions!


Debating Union Society

A de-baiting, if you will...

The University of Limerick Debating Union (UL DebU) is one of the oldest societies on campus and is 43 years old this year! DebU holds public debates on issues of public interest and current affairs as well as private members motions on more entertaining issues just for members. Past debates have included the legalisation of drugs, abortion, leaving the European Union and the Irish presidential election. We have hosted a multitude of guest speakers including David Norris, Max Keiser, Garrett Fitzgerald, Julie Bindel, Eamonn O Cuiv, The Rubber Bandits and George Hook are to name but a few. Most Irish universities are active in debating and DebU consistently competes in competitions both in Ireland and abroad. The Ciaràn Tracey and the University of Limerick Open are two of our own internal events both held in March. The UL Open attracts some of the best debaters in Ireland, Britain. DebU has attended both the European and World debating championships for many years. Speaker Development takes place every Tuesdays at 7 to 8:30pm. Like our UL Debating Union page for more information. We strive to create a relaxed, informal setting where people can work on improving their public speaking. We aim to practice and hone the skills necessary to compete in debates and discuss controversial issues. Even if you just want to come along, meet friends and hang out in a comfortable and educational environment, we'd love to see you!


Drama Society

Breaking legs since the dawn of time.

UL Drama Society is a diverse group of students with one crucial common interest; we all love theatre in one way, shape or form! Maybe you are a veteran stage school student. Or maybe you’ve never been within 20 feet of a stage and want to give it a go. Here at Drama Soc, EVERYONE is welcome – no exceptions! Performing is of course a huge part of Drama Soc – each year we run a number of productions, ranging from comedy to drama, with the odd musical thrown in for good measure! But if you’re not one for the limelight, fear not! We encourage members to cultivate their own unique talents and explore all aspects of theatre. Be it directing, script writing, set design, stage management or costumes and cosmetics... We embrace it all! We run weekly Wednesday workshops based on performing aspects such as stage confidence, character development and improvisation. These workshops are split between society members and outside experts who work professionally in theatre, which greatly improves the skills of our members. Every second Tuesday we offer technical workshops based on backstage elements such as prop design and lighting. Our writers group also meets on Tuesdays, where members develop scripts that could one day be brought to life on stage by our society! It truly is a dynamic society with something for everyone. Trips and events are a key aspect of Drama Soc. Be it fund-raising quiz nights, Drama Awards Night (Our answer to the Academy Awards!) or the very popular annual Drama Soc Sleepover, we are kept occupied! And it has to be said – Our wrap parties are pretty legendary. Drama Soc go on regular theatre trips, supporting local talent in venues such as the Bell Table and the Lime Tree Theatre. In the last year we have spread our wings further afield – to the cosmopolitan city of London, none the less!! Drama members had the chance to experience the mesmerizing West End stage – a bucket list feature for any lover of theatre. Over time we’ve worked hard to build up our society to improve the experience of our members. UL Drama Soc is more than just a society – it is a family. When you look back on your time with us, you may not remember the lines you spent hours learning – But you won’t forget the memories you made with life-long friends.


Environmental Society

Lets Show Students How Important Our Environment Is

We will be coming together on a regular basis to brainstorm new, engaging campaigns to promote positive environmental practices and make students aware of the current challenges we face. UL recently received the Green Campus award and we feel there is no better time to help the college promote best practice than now. The society will be set up to create exciting campaigns across campus and is not to designed to act as a medium to shove our views onto passing students. We would love for you to join UL's newest society.


Fan Forum Society

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Fiction, Comics, Books

We're an obsessive generation, and we at Fan Forum celebrate that obsession! We're all fans. Fans of a specific Netflix series, superhero, movie trilogy... Are you a movie fanatic who rushes there every week? Or maybe you save the cinema for just the big midnight release trips! Have you followed the trail of Uruk-hai taking the hobbits to Isengard? Do you know which colour you'd want your lightsaber to be? Are you still awaiting your Hogwarts letter? Or maybe you claim the Iron Throne? Whatever your passion, it's doubtlessly shared by members of this society! The Fan Forum society meet every Thursday in Red Raisins to celebrate and talk about everything nerd culture from movies, TV shows and comic books. Our weekly conversations span across many different topics - Game of Thrones, The Flash, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pokémon, Doctor Who, and so much more! In Fan Forum you will be immersed in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction, Pop Culture and more every Thursday. We also do regular events. We strive to have regular cinema trips on Wednesdays; we do frequent table-quizzes ranging from topics such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Harry Potter; we organise midnight-release trips for big releases (such as Fantastic Beasts and Rogue One!), and we even have our own Quidditch Team! Check us out on Facebook or email us at: If you are interested in joining the society, you can either email us or message a member of the committee on Facebook - where a list of committee members is provided. Our Facebook group is linked above, simply request membership.

UL Feminist Society is a new society founded last year to raise awareness of issues related to gender equality. We hold weekly meetings where we chat about topics such as consent, gender identity, body positivity and slut shaming. We welcome people of all gender identities to join. Our first year as a society was a busy one! We held two big events - Forgotten Women in History to celebrate International Women's Day and Women in Politics where we invited speakers from different Irish political parties to speak about their experience as women involved in politics. Our weekly meetings are on Tuesdays at 7 and we go to Scholars afterwards for pints and/or coffee, we look forward to seeing you there!


Filmmaking Society

Watch, discuss, make movies!

Love movies? Here at Filmmaking Society we're creating a community of people to work together and learn the mysteries of effects and techniques that go into the movies we all know and love. We will learn about and put into practice: Storytelling: Script writing Story Structure, character development, dialogue Storyboards Shotlists Directing: Responsibilities Casting actors Directing actors Telling your story Film Genres Fiction vs Documentary Film settings (War, Western, Space Opera, etc.) Film themes/topics (science fiction, crime, etc.) Film moods (comedy, horror, romance, tearjerker, etc. Cinematography: History of the camera Lighting Shot composition Lenses Audio: On-set audio ADR and Foley Scores and Soundtracks Post Production: Editing - video and sound File types Color correcting and color grading Basics of visual effects/CGI Cameras and other technical equipment: Camera types Film vs digital Camera functionalities Exposure: Aperture/ISO/Shutter speed etc. Lenses Microphones Audio recorders Activities will include: Film Challenges: Everyone will be divided into groups and assigned to make a short film. Examples: Recreate a movie scene Make a fake ad Write and shoot from scratch a short film based on a given prop, character name and a line of dialogue. Movie discussions and movie screenings Analysing the films: effects and techniques used, story etc. Trips to cinema and film festivals, pizza parties and overnight lock-ins in the Students Union.


Games Society

You like games? We like games! Come like games with us!

UL Games Society was founded in 1989, by John O'Sullivan and Joe Vaughan, and thanks to continuous dedication to meet the demands of our members is now one of the oldest Societies in UL. Along with our two weekly events there are off campus trips throughout the year to go paint-balling and attend Conventions around the country, caffeine fueled lock-ins for both console and P.Cs and the annual campus wide games of Zombies and Assassin. With each of the current generation consoles to placate all fanboys and a selection of retro consoles to bring you back to your childhood, we cater to all tastes. With a large collection of games, Wednesday's Console day is sure to have something for you. It runs from 12pm – 6pm in Room 3 of the Students' Union. Games Night is laid back with boards games, card games, tabletop wargames and RPGs. Monopoly, Risk, Magic: the Gathering, Settlers of Catan, Twister, Apples to Apples and Warhammer are just a few of the games that make a regular appearance on a Games Night. If you're looking to get into a particular games system or just want a game to pick up and play, swing by EG-010 on Monday night from 6pm – 11pm. Our aim is to provide those in UL who enjoy gaming in all forms a way to relax and enjoy their experience while a part of the University of Limerick. Whether you're fully prestiged in COD or you don't even know where to find Mayfair on a Monopoly board, feel free to drop on by.


Greyhound Society

''We're gone to the dogs!''

Hello and welcome to the University of Limerick Greyhound Racing Society. This is currently the only greyhound society of its kind in Ireland. We are a group of students who share a passion for greyhounds and want to spread this interest to the wider student community. We want to promote the sport of greyhound racing with emphasis on the youth. We will promote animal welfare as our top priority by working closely with the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust. We aim to create an exciting experience for new comers as we visit the leading trainers' kennels around the country and by also attending Ireland's leading tracks. We also look forward to following and supporting greyhounds which we have been given shares in. Did you know that greyhounds make great pets? They are among the most friendly and loyal breeds of dogs in the world. We want to spread knowledge just like this so that greyhounds become appreciated for the beautiful animals that they are. So whether you come from a greyhound background or wouldn't know a greyhound's arse from its head!! We encourage you to come along and join us. Our Facebook page is updated regularly with details of meetings, events and fun activities.


History Society

History for everyone

Welcome to the University of Limerick History Society! The UL History Society has brought history to life in a fun and friendly way since 1997. The society caters to those who enjoy the academic side of history through public talks, debates and paper readings and embraces the social side of C&S with history-themed events, parties and re-enactments. You don't need to be a history student to join. Anyone with an interest in any area of history or who would like to learn a little more about Ireland's history (if you're study abroad or Erasmus, maybe) will find a home with us. We are a young society and we're always open to suggestions for events, large and small, academic and social. We have close links with the UL History Department and we have major plans for the coming year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or suggestions at Find us on Facebook at and on Twitter @ulhistorysociety Our aim is to make history accessible to everyone.


Horse Racing Society

Get your heart racing

Welcome to the University of Limerick Horse Racing Society! We are a network of students on campus with a shared passion for the sport of horse racing; enjoying behind-the-scenes industry experiences and social events as a group. From tours of trainers’ stables, to attending Ireland’s premier racecourses; we aim to create a community for those with an interest in racing in UL. Backed by Horse Racing Ireland's Student Society, over the coming weeks and months we'll be visiting some of the world's most prestigious studs and enjoying days out on the racecourse as well. Our current committee and society members are fully aware that the reputation some students have of this great sport is not overly flattering - with events such as 'student racedays' in this part of the country not painting an accurate picture of horse racing. With that in mind, we aim to promote all-things-thoroughbreds in a positive manner; offering insightful outings for those immersed in the sport, whilst encouraging and educating those who are new to horse racing. So whether you’re an equine expert when it comes to Cheltenham and the Curragh, or a Grand National novice once a year, we'd only be delighted to have you on board. We regularly update our Facebook page ( with details of meetings and society events and we look forward to having plenty of enjoyable experiences together over the coming semesters!


International Society

UL International Society- Bringing people together.

UL International Society is one of UL's largest and most active societies with members from all over the world. With a large contingent of Study Abroad and Erasmus students, our society aims to integrate students into campus life through various social events, trips and activities such as Come Dine With Me dinners, sports club, book club, assisting local pupils with languages, plus much, much more!!! Every Friday night is International Party Night (best night of the week!). However, this society is not just for international students. So whether you have completed your Erasmus/Co-Op abroad, been on/going on a J1, etc, why not get to know some locals? And if you're studying languages it's the best way to get to know native speakers! Plus, if you're someone who'd like to meet new people from all over the world, it's the place for you. UL International Society - Bringing people together.


Law Society

Law Soc

The Law Society at UL is one of the Universities most prominent societies. While our members mainly consist of Law undergraduates and postgraduates, there is an ever growing contingent of non Law students joining us. The Law Soc is a great outlet for anyone with a passion for human rights and civil liberties, debate and discussion. Our theme for the academics year 2015/2016 is "The Theory of Law". The society hosts many events, both social and academic each year and this year, we will be run a range of events in line with our theme including Legal Skills Workshops, Mooting Competitions, Essay Competitions, Seminars, Guest Speakers, A Trip to the Four Courts, Trips to visit other Law Societies and much much more. We also run a Peer Mentoring Scheme for the incoming first year law students. They will be paired with an older "buddy" (an older law student) to help them settle in during their first few weeks in college. On the social side of things we have a number of new events planned as well as the familiar Law Ball, one of UL's most prestigious balls, and with each year this proves to be the highlight of many peoples social calendar. We have been working hard over the past few months to build up our links with local and national organisations. We will be working with many firms and institutions such as Matheson, A&L Goodbody, The Irish Tax Institute and Arthur Cox. Check us out on facebook under “University of Limerick Law Society” or email us at to keep up to date with upcoming events and news from the UL Law Society.


Mature Student Society

Building a community, supporting one another.

We aim to enhance the overall university experience for all students who wish to join, including Mature Students, Under-grads, Post-grads, link-ins, Access course students, Masters/PhD Students, staff and anyone who wishes to join. We organise team building days (including nights out) and day to day meet ups for coffee/tea or lunches, workshops, talks and much more. It's a great way to meet like minded people to enjoy our days together in UL.


Medical Society

Promoting Medicine and Health to the UL Community

UL Medical Society is a student society for those with an interest in health and medicine. We have many different ways that we support students’ interests including: Medical Charity work including fund-raising and health promotion activities e.g. Movember, Irish Cancer Society; Guest Speakers on a variety of topics; Social Nights such as table quizzes and bowling nights, Tag Rugby, Volleyball, and Soccer to allow students to relieve stress and meet students from other colleges. We also run a Teddy Bear Hospital, to help alleviate childhood anxiety about the medical environment, its procedures and its professionals. Last but not least our Annual Medical Ball in February helps to raise for the MWRH Pediatric Oncology fund. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved;ranging from simple membership to participate in events all the way to joining the committee and help shape the future direction of the society. We are constantly looking for new ways to develop and support our members’ interests and we are always looking for enthusiastic people who are passionate about health and medicine. The membership fee is €5.00. We will have a stand at the Recruitment Drive to answer any questions and to sign up new members. If you have any questions in the mean time, please e-mail us at and check out the UL Medsoc Facebook Page or website Meghan Feeney President UL Medical Society 2016/2017


Music Society

Turning it up to 11! Bringing You Music, Trad, DJ,and Glee since the noughties!

Welcome to UL folks! If you're new to UL you may not be aware that the UL Music Societies (or ULMS for short) consists of all the musical genres in UL. Currently, we have four disciplines; DJ, Music, Trad, and Voice. I guarantee that with us this year you’re going to have an amazing, music-filled, event-packed time that will have people talking for years! With four disciplines we have a very busy schedule. On Mondays, we host Open Mic night (music), Glee Singing Sessions (Voice) Trad Sessions (Trad), Tech training and DJ Production classes. Tuesday we have gigs in The Stables, and DJs playing in Habitat (formally known as Crush87). Wednesday night the DJs take over the SU with their Deck Sessions from 8-11. Thursday is our flexi day and we rotate between activities such as stables gigs, member social nights, and local trips. We also have a fully kitted out music room that you get to book for a very small fee, with all instruments free to use. Email for more info. As well as our normal weekly events we also run other events, such as our Battle of the Bands, trips to music festivals and studios nationwide, & ULMS Trad fest. This year we have some big big news with the first ever UL Music Week! During this week we will host activities during the day, and have nightly entertainment for some of the biggest Irish acts on the scene. If there’s anything else you want to know, email us at or through our facebook page!


Ogra Fianna Fail Society

Don't be a passenger - get involved!

Welcome to the official page of the Con Colbert Cumann. We are the Youth Wing of Fianna Fáil the Republican Party (Ógra Fianna Fáil) in U.L. Is mór an onóir dom céad míle fáilte a chuir róimh don leathanach seo. Like our Facebook page to keep up to date! Meetings take place on Monday nights at 6pm usually involving guest speakers and heated debate! Followed by a trip to the Stables. Events include, national and regional conferences, gaelic football tournament, summer school, workshops, debates, trips to Leinster House, Stormont Castle and the Ard Fheis. The Con Colbert Cumann was founded back in 1993 by Seamus Doran and co. Right through to the present day there are committed members working to further the cause of Fianna Fáil all over the country, but also on campus at UL. We will be seeking the constructive views of BOTH sides of the fees debate and any other issue that members wish to bring to meetings. Membership is open to all students. The cumann has been the starting place of many well known names in the organisation including Director of Organisation Aidan O'Gorman and Cllr. Cathal Crowe, who both served as Cathaoirleach of the cumann. This year's President of the Students' Union - Derek Daly is a former Cathaoirleach and former SU President Pa O'Brien is a former cumann member. Members have also held key poistions in Ógra in their own constituency and on the Ógra National Youth Committee. At our weekly meetings, the cumann gives its members a unique opportunity to discuss current political issues. We have done and will continue to submit policies to the government on issues of interest to the members of the cumann. The Con Colbert Cumann is active in it's politics; it's about having the voice of the people heard and expressing concern about issues we believe our party can improve upon. We regularly invite government ministers to attend meetings. Ógra Fianna Fáil have a long-standing tradition of naming their cumann (i.e. their societies) after Irish Patriots in line with their strong Republican ethos. We decided as the Fianna Fáil Cumann in the University to name ours after the great, Limerick, martyr Con Colbert. The Con Colbert Cumann is the representation of Fianna Fáil and Ógra Fianna Fáil on campus at the University of Limerick. As a branch of ULSU's Clubs and Societies we have the opportunity to engage with other political parties and indeed other organisations on campus. The Cumann's main aim is to bring people together; regardless of their views, in order to make Fianna Fáil the most pragmatic, successful and diverse political party to be found anywhere on the globe. It's this willingness to argue with others without dismissing their views defines the reason that Fianna Fáil has been the most successful political party in Western Europe. Whether you are interested in politics or not, it is worth being a member of the Con Colbert Cumann if only for the sessions, craic and above all the friends you will make during your time as a member. "I turned up at the first meeting and wasn't sure if I was going to last, but 2 weeks later I was treasurer and headed to an Ard-Fheis with new friends. Even better I made more friends there and found people I knew who I'd never have guessed were in Ógra too" - ULSU President 10/11 Derek Daly, Treasurer 05/06, PRWE 06/07, Leas-Cathaoirleach 07/08, Cathaoirleach 08/09. Whether you chose to get involved in the politics of it all, or just like to come for the craic; joining the Con Colbert Cumann is something that you will never regret. Aims: - To promote Irish Republicanism amongst the students of UL. - To promote the aims, objectives and values of Fianna Fáil amongst the students of UL. - To campaign for the promotion of Irish nationalism, history, language, culture and traditions and promote them amongst the students of UL. - To ensure that the students of UL, who wish to do so, have the opportunity to take part in productive political debate, discussion, campaigning and activity. - To promote greater involvement and participation of students of UL at all levels of Fianna Fáil and Ógra Fianna Fáíl in UL, in their own constituencies and nationally. - To work with other Fianna Fáil and Ógra Fianna Fáil party units in providing an effective and organised campaign team at elections and policy campaigns. - To encourage and promote as many young candidates as possible for Fianna Fáil. - To highlight and campaign for the needs and issues that effect and interest all students in UL. Ar aghaidh leis an obair agus ar aghaidh le Fianna Fáil! Past Cathaoirlaigh: Aidan O'Gorman Cathal Crowe Seán Pattwell Niamh O'Donovan Eamon Quinlan Eric Doyle Derek Daly Ray O'Mahony David O'Sullivan Ger Fogarty Enda Costello Michael Forde Liam Lee Emmet Clarke David Griffin Email: Add us on facebook: This Facebook page is updated regularly to update members and supporters with news. Please feel free to use the comments section to post news, announcements, questions etc. Comments and posts are not always official policy nor is tagging etc. or any other affiliation an endorsement of any policies/positions etc.


Out in UL Society

University of Limerick's LGBTQ Society

Hello Friends! Welcome to University of Limerick! Out in UL is the LGBTQ society of UL. We seek to provide a safe and friendly environment for our community. Anyone is welcome to join, it’s not just closed off to the LGBTQ members of the college. WHAT DO WE OFFER? We have weekly members' meetings where you can get to know everyone and have the chats and the bants. For the upcoming semester, they will take place upstairs in the Schuman Building, room S116, from 7-8pm, starting in Week 2. We host a variety of workshops too, such as sexual health, coming out, awareness of different issues and many more. We also go on trips to Dublin Pride and various queer events around the country. The events that have become a staple of Out in UL over the years are: Rainbow Week Alternative Miss UL Sparkles Queerbash Out in UL follows a strict rule of confidentiality, so anyone who is not out can come along, take part and not worry about being ‘outted’. This is an environment where you can feel secure in yourself. For anyone who doesn't feel confident enough to come to meetings, you can email us and arrange to talk to our committee one on one. Can't wait to see you! Ciara Gordon and Seán Lynch, Co Chairpersons, Out in UL.


Photographic Society

Photographic Society - UL Photosoc

Welcome from the Photographic Society Our main activities involve: Organising trips to practice what we learn Studio shoots Workshops and tutorials Post processing of images Covering Social events on and off Campus Covering Intervarsities and events for other clubs Like our Facebook page for all upcoming events/photo shoots and outings!


Racing/Motorsport Society

Coming First When It Matters

UL Racing and Motorsport Society is a Motorsport appreciation and participation Society. We attend races of many disciplines regularly around Ireland and abroad, also we compete in karting events including the ULRM internal league and the National Inter-Varsities Championship (SSI). Racing and Motorsport has something for everyone whether you're a competitive racer, have a casual interest in go karting or just want to meet people with similar interests and share knowledge.

UL Science Society has been set up to run events and charity fundraisers throughout the year for students in UL studying science or with an interest in science. The hope is to bring all these scientific souls together for a bit of craic and to bridge the gap between science disciplines.


Sinn Féin Society

Building a new Republic

Sinn Féin UL is a youth wing of the national party. Our goals are to educated people on Sinn Féin politics and organise fun events which will help us strengthen as a society. We will be arranging exciting trips throughout the year across the country meeting with other Sinn Féin youth cumann and attending social events. We will be holding meetings every two weeks and we will do our best to keep active every week. If you visit our page Sinn Féin University of Limerick on facebook you will be kept up to date on all our activities. Everyone is welcome to attend any of our events and engage in any activities we undergo. This will not be another boring political society, politics will be part of our ongoing activities but our main goal is to have a bit of craic and add to the enjoyable college experiences provided in UL.


Socialist Society

End the rule of the 1%

Our world has never seen such greater or obscene levels inequality as we have today. The richest 62 people on our planet now have a wealth equal to that of the poorest 50% of humanity. In Ireland, the richest 300 have increased their wealth by €38 billion since 2010. The rest of us have had vicious austerity programmes foisted upon us. The 'recovery' has only resulted in the creation of a new housing crisis, sky rocketing rents, growing inequality and the creation of low paid temporary jobs. Capitalism is a system built on inequality. It means the wealth and resources of society being in the private ownership of a tiny minority and where production is based on them amassing huge profits and personal wealth at our expense. Wars for oil, power and profit in the Middle East and North Africa by the major capitalist powers have created the horrendous refugee crisis. Our environment is being destroyed by the ruthless and short term profiteering of big business. Sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia are all the by-products of a system that fosters prejudice, division and oppression.

Welcome to the UL chapter of Students For Sensible Drug Policy. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth.


Surgical Society

A cut above!

The aim of the Surgical Society is to develop the interest, educational and career opportunities of all students interested in surgery, anatomy, or surgical techniques and procedures. It aims to achieve this by holding regular workshops where you can learn and practice skills such as suturing/ultrasound which will be invaluable to you as surgeons/doctors/nurses or no matter what specialty you end up in. If a career in surgery catches your interest, then there will be annual careers evening and conference which encourage research amongst students for both application to surgical trainees and consultants who can give you the necessary advice to start tailoring your CV for a career in surgery.


Tea Appreciation Society

Tea Society? Ah go on, go on, go on, go on...

Do you love tea? Are you passionate about all types of tea, the intricacies of brewing, all possible combinations and permutations? Then Tea Appreciation Society is for you! We are for the aspiring tea masters, or those who just want to relax with a cuppa at the end of a hard day's study. Come join us and try something new. Nobody can be bad at drinking tea! Tea Appreciation Society is a place to talk about anything and everything with people from around the world.There are so many wonderful varieties to experiment with. Remember, there's more to life than Lyons.


UL Give Society

UL - it's in you to GIVE!

UL GIVE is a charity organization run by UL Graduate Entry Medical Students that fundraises for hospitals in Tanzania and directs money raised at cost effective projects that improve the quality of health and medical care for local residents. Each academic year, UL GIVE raises money that will be split to fund projects at three hospitals. A strong effort is being made to fund public health initiatives that will benefit the largest number of people for the amount of money spent. Continued funding is provided year after year to maintain the investments of previous years. In addition to our funding of projects, UL medical students spend three weeks completing medical electives alongside staff in these same hospitals. This provides UL students excellent exposure to medical conditions infrequently seen in Ireland, and allows GIVE to determine which projects should be funded by the charity. All the money raised by the charity goes directly to the hospitals while the medical students that travel pay their own costs. Last year, we raised over 17,000 Euro in support of UL GIVE and the hospitals, topping out the previous year! We are not limited to medical students however. Events are run throughout the year, by UL GIVE or independently by students on behalf of UL GIVE, from all faculties and years. Bake sales, car boot sales, mystery bus tours - these are examples of non-medical student run events. The medical students also do a trivia pub night a couple times a year, as well as blood pressure clinics around Limerick. If you want to get involved, become our friend on Facebook, “like” our page and register on UL Wolves. You can come out and participate or you can help us run events. Time commitment can be determined by yourselves, so it is extremely flexible. Hope to see you soon!


ULFM Society

Your University Radio Station!

ULFM is your University Radio Station! If you have a love for radio, shiny professional sound equipment, broadcasting or journalism in general then you should join us! You could present your own radio show to be broadcast on the station, produce or research a radio show, read the news, help run workshops and events, or even just run around campus making people smile by giving them cool prizes, there is something for everyone! We broadcast 24x7 with live programmes from 10-11 Monday-Thursday and 10-4 on Friday. Simply visit to tune in.


Young Fine Gael Society

UL's largest and most active political Society

We invite you to join the biggest political organisation on the UL campus. UL Young Fine Gael is a vehicle for young people to seek political change and get their voice heard. We are a national organisation that brings people from all across the country together to share thoughts, ideas and of course the banter!We are one of the most active society on campus and run many events through out the semester such as Inter-varsity debates, National Hustings, Dail Trip, Guest Speakers, Table quiz, Cinema trips, mini golf, Weekends Away and an Annual foreign trip that is the highlight of the year! Who says politics is boring? - Get involved!

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