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Mens Rugby Club

UL Men's Rugby: Competitively or Socially, be part of our Wolf Pack!

Interested in Rugby? Great! Our club offers an opportunity for both social players and up coming stars to shine at a university level! The Club organizes some of the best social events on campus and as a member you will always have free admission into these events! Many, many students get confused when they hear about us, so let’s clear it up now; you CAN play for us as well as your own club, which can only improve your game by training with players from other clubs, while keeping our ‘rugby for fun’ ethos. Our Matches take place on Wednesday afternoons so your timetable should be kind and you’ll have it off! Training is on Monday at 6:00- 8:00 pm and Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 until 7 on the North Campus Pitches (next to Cappavilla pitches) but be sure to check with us in case we have a special session planned, such as indoor or Astroturf sessions. We offer the chance to get personalised training programmes and much more, so sign up and be part of our mailing list. It’s only 5euro and the benefits are great, look out for paintballing, Kukri tracksuits and other discounts, not to mention trips to far off sunny places! Any Questions? Search UL Men’s Rugby on Facebook.

Weekly Activities

Training Fresher & Senior
6:00PM - 7:30PM
North Campus Pitches
Training Fresher & Senior
6:00PM - 7:30PM
North Campus Pitches

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