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UL Social Soccer Club

Soccer For Everyone

Social Soccer was started as a Facebook group in January 2016 to garner numbers for five-a-side matches. The group grew very quickly, and within a few months we were playing small-sided games twice a week, whether that be in the UL Arena or on the North Campus pitches. A primary characteristic of the club is its social nature - many of the players originally did not know one another, and friendships were formed through the matches. Players who joined us grew in confidence and ability, being able to express themselves in each game. The games are fun first, competitive second. With players known for playing just to nutmeg others, the matches are about expressing your ability and letting your skills flourish. There is no skill requirement - whether you're training to practice for the college team, or just to meet new people, you're welcome to join! Social Soccer is all about the inclusivity. Everybody is welcome to play, regardless of age, gender, ability or commitment. Games are organised on the Facebook group ("UL Social Soccer"), so be sure to join the page and join events if you're interested!

Weekly Activities

UL Social Soccer Outdoor Football
5:45PM - 7:00PM
North Campus 4G Pitches
UL Social Soccer Outdoor Football
6:00PM - 7:00PM
North Campus Pitches

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