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American Football Club

One Team, One Goal!

We at the UL Vikings welcome anyone who wants to become part of our organisation. We strive for excellence on and off the field. We have a variety of social events throughout the year and we are planning a trip to europe for a game later this year. To be an american football player you need equipment. At the Vikings we provide all game, training and gym equipment necessary for you to achieve your potential. But to be a Viking you need more than just equipment, we want players who strive to be the best, guys who want to win national titles and be chosen to represent their country on a national stage. We want guys who want to spend hours in the gym just to beat another player out of his position. Our team is ready to win a national championship in 2018. If you want to be part of it then look no further than right here. To find out more you can find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or contact us through the email below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Archery Club

Archers score more often

ULAC was set up back in the 1980's during the time of Mary Vaughan but unfortunately was not maintained for a number of years until Emmanuel O'Dea in 2000 came from GMIT and wanted somewhere to shoot. Under his leadership the membership soon grew, and we started competing in intervarsities the following year. ULAC is involved in both Olympic Style and Field Archery, and has had success in both. We are a friendly club who encourage anybody to take up the sport of archery. We have a large number of student as well as external members, and anybody is welcome to join throughout the year. Gear is provided, so all you have to do is turn up with open ears and willing arms, and we will do the rest. If you think that you would like to be involved in a club that trains hard, and plays hard, call down to us during the Clubs & Societies Recruitment Fair in the UL Arena and sign up. You will get access to everything you need to become the next Robin Hood – equipment, coaching and your own band of Merry Men. ULAC compete in the ISAA Intervarsity League, the National Irish Archery League, the National Championships, the Barebow Championships, the Irish Student Championships, the Irish Open, Indoor and Outdoor, and the National Target Championships. We also run the Apprentices and Masters Cup Leagues within the club, along with our Pro-Am Tournament. There are plenty of chances to compete throughout the academic year and into the summer months, and our archery competitions will take you all over Ireland, from Dundalk to Cork, Galway to Carlow. If you are the kind of person who shies away from competition then don’t discount ULAC as your club of choice. Our archers are never pressurised to compete and if you just want to shoot for a few nights throughout the semester and blow off a little steam then you’ll fit right in with our social archers who shoot just for fun and to meet some new people within the college. Our social archers help organise the fun shoots such as balloon shoots, animal target shoots, our Annual Santa Shoot and our National Halloween Shoot. They are also responsible for making sure that plenty of archers meet up after training to get to know each other in a more social setting. We also have a number of non-archery related activities within the club like the Annual G-Soc vs. UL Archery Paintball Tournament in Semester 1 and The Archery Dinner in Semester 2. There are also plenty of impromptu movie nights; pizza nights and birthday get together’s throughout the year. We also have a humanitarian side to the club. Last year we set up a ‘Shoot for Haiti’ event on the lawns of the UL White House as part of the Clubs & Societies Haiti Fundraiser and taught staff and students how to shoot. We also ran a competition on the day for the best shooter along with demonstrations from our advanced archers. If you need any extra information about UL Archery you can check out our website,, or you can email us on We will be taking on new members until the end of Week 6 in the academic calendar. You can either sign up at the C&S Recruitment Fair or you can call into a training session in the Main Hall of the P.E.S.S. Building. Take a look at our website or the training section of the C&S website, , for a list of our training times and of course we are on Facebook too

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Athletics Club

Running is life everything else is just a game!

After a successful year of training and competing, we are now looking forward to the start of the 2017/18 season and more great performances and medals. We welcome back our existing members and also those of you starting in UL this year. We are always happy to welcome new members (of all levels) into the club. Come and chat to us any night at training where we will provide you with all the information you require. For further information contact us through one of our committee members or send email to You can also come chat to us at the Clubs and Societies recruitment drive on 6th September in the UL Arena. Congratulations on achieving your first goal of getting to UL, now you should join the UL Atletics Club and help us to achieve our Goals.... to reclaim the glory that comes with title of top college in Ireland!:) From finishing a 5k to national championships we can be part of your journey. If you think that you would like to be involved in a club that trains hard, and plays hard, all you have to do is sign up.It's also a great chance to meet new friends and the perfect way to get a break from study,assignments etc! ULAC compete in the university road relays,indoor and cross country competitions and the biggest event of the year the outdoor varsities. There are plenty of chances to compete throughout the academic year and into the summer months, and our athletics competitions will take you all over Ireland. Committee for the year is as follows: Chairperson: Roisin Howard Mens Captain: Evan Crotty Womens Captain: Lauren Dermody Treasurer: Aoife Vaughan-Witts Secretary: Darragh Browne Throws Rep: Alana Frattaroli Distance Rep: Jenna Bromell Sprints Rep / 1st Year Rep: Sharlene Mawdsley PRO: Conor O'Mahony Health and Safety Rep: Josh Stubbs Coaches: Sprints and Jumps: Hayley and Drew Harrison Distance: PJ O'Rourke If you want just want to stay fit or specialize in one area come down any evening to the track. Everyone is welcome! Sprints Training: Thursday: Warmed up for 7pm Distance Training: Tuesday & Thursday: Warmed up for 6.45pm

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Badminton Club

UL Badminton Club - Fastest racket sport in the world

Badminton is a fast fun and exciting sport. The UL badminton club is definitely a club you will want to join. We play socially and competitively twice a week in the Arena. If you are a beginner, we will provide you with a racket and shuttles… and there will always be someone to explain the rules of the game. If you are an experienced player, you will find players with a similar standard of play. SOME ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: In recent years, the club has had a lot of success in various competitions. This past season 2017/18 the UL Badminton Club competed in several student and public competitions across a variety of levels. The major student competitions entered were the Intervarsities and the International Student Badminton Tournaments ISBTs. Other notable competitions entered included the Munster Individuals, the Graduates, Intercounties and Individual All Irelands as well as several one-day competitions. The UL badminton club was very well represented at the Limerick individuals with players being selected to represent Limerick in Junior Grade F and Grade G levels. The Grade F Limerick team went on to become runners-up at the Munster intercounty being narrowly defeated on Aces. We also had winners in the Limerick Grade G and Grade F Closed competition as well as runners-up in these competitions too. The Munster Individual closed tournament was also a huge success with many UL representatives making finals. In the end, UL was hugely represented and by all accounts dominated the medals on these occasions. Being a University club, we acquire members from all counties of Ireland and abroad. Many of our members competed in their home county and province competitions also bringing back silverware for our club. The All Ireland Individual competitions had a huge UL representation this year in a range of grades, unfortunately, we had no medals to show for ourselves but there were many close calls and a lot of three set semi-finals giving us hope for the next season. The Irish Intervarsities were held in DCU this year. Due to the traveling expenses associated with Dublin, we were only able to send one team to the tournament this year. The team competed well making it out of their group to compete in the very competitive Cup Side of the competition. We put up a good fight, but it wasn’t enough to come out on top. This year we sent off a couple of players to compete at this year’s ISBT in Enschede The Netherlands. Two bronze medals were the results of this trip. Some individuals traveled to compete in the ISBT tournament in Utrecht where we faired much better coming away with one gold and two silvers. Our very own James Flaherty also represented the club abroad in Switzerland this year. UL Badminton are looking to strengthen our International representation in the coming season. In summary, the 2017/2018 season was a great year for UL Badminton and importantly provides a strong base for future Regional, National and International success. Team competitions take place throughout the college year but members are more than welcome to play socially. ISBT: Club members also take part in ISBT competitions (International Student Badminton Tournament) in various European countries. These competitions are open to all players from beginners to advanced. They are a great opportunity for all to test their skill levels against the best in the country and further afield. The ISBT also encourages 1st-year beginners to experience team competition at a college level in a fun and social environment. The first ISBT of the year takes place in Limerick at the end of October. The club is informed regularly about other European ISBT competitions. TRAINING TIMES ARE: Monday ->Court 1 8.15pm – 11.00pm Teams/Advanced ->Court 4 9.15pm – 11.00pm Beginners Wednesday ->Court 1 8.15pm – 11.00pm Teams/Advanced ->Court 4 9.15pm – 11.00pm Beginners If you are interested, please pre-register and come and see us for a friendly chat during the recruitment drive Wednesday 6th September 2017. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AT: Email:

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Basketball Club

Performance & Excellence

The Name “UL” is nationally known in college basketball. We are regarded as the trend setters; we set the bar, leaving other colleges to follow. We have won more Women's Varsity titles than any other college, We have won the Men's only once... We have an ambitious three year plan and we would very much like you to be part of it ... In 2018 we will host the Varsities and we want to be the only college to win the Men & Women's title while hosting the event. We can only do this with your help... The Basketball club is a “Family” club where we pride ourselves on looking out for each other. Our club, which caters for men’s and women’s teams, is seeking interest from players of all levels and abilities; we would also welcome individuals who are interested in participating or working behind the scenes to improve the club. Our motto is one of Performance & Excellence through this we believe that all our goals are attainable. Don’t miss your chance to be part of something special that doesn’t come along every day. For further information contact us through our Facebook / Twitter page. Congratulations on achieving your first goal of getting to UL, now you should join the UL Basketball Club and help us to achieve our Goals.

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Boxing Club

UL Wolves Boxing Club

UL boxing club Ireland’s most successful Olympic sport has been established in UL since 2011.Since then it has captured a total of 3 National IATBA titles and 2 Silver medals in its two seasons. Last season 4 UL boxers were picked for the IATBA Irish select vs the Irish Defence Forces in a friendly. They made of a third of the Irish team that night, a huge achievement!These four boxers made up the IATBA Panel for the season. The club managed to turn out 5 novice boxers into the amateur ranks as they featured beside the seasoned campaigners of the club over two weekends in local club, st Francis which is the oldest club in the country. This season the club has its eyes firmly set on the Celtic cup in Waterford where it is sending a full squad to the international tournament which takes place from the 27th to the 29th of September and we invite anyone to come see our boys in action. Our more experienced boxers will then compete in provincial and national tournaments before christmas. Second semester will be a chance for any new members to shine as we hope to train up some new dedicated novices to compete in the intervarsities in February. Our training focuses mainly on fitness and agility, as well as practising the skills of boxing. A full body workout will consist of circuit training, skipping and core exercises. Members will have access to everything from boxing pads, bags and gloves to sparring fights and one-to-one training with coaches. An excellent way to meet people who share a common interest in boxing, as well as an enjoyable activity away from stress of college studies, UL boxing club is welcoming members to join this semester :)

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Want to learn a new sport or continue one you love. Learn some self defence, get fit and have some fun join UL Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo. Our Club is a place where anyone can train and learn about the two sports. Everyone is welcome no matter what experience or fitness level you have. Our trainings are Monday 6-8PM and Wednesday 9-10:30PM in the PESS building.

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Capoeira Club

Got game? Play Capoeira!

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that incorporates elements of music, dance, and acrobatics. Anybody who wants to have fun exercising in a welcoming, culturally-diverse, musically-enriched group environment will love it. Beginners are especially welcome! :) Class times (starting Week 2): TUE & THURS 19:00 - 20:15 PESS Building

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UL Equestrian Club have been up and running for a few years now, and we hope you join us and get involved in some of the great stuff we have on! If you like horses we are the club for you! If you have never ridden but really want to try it out, we are the club for you! Whether you're a beginner or a Grand Prix showjumper, we have something to suit you. Lessons are run weekly at a local riding school, with all levels being catered for. Treks are organised throughout the year, in varying landscapes e.g. beach, woodland, countryside etc. Trips to equestrian establishments are also organised. UL are also represented each year with teams at both the Intervarsities and Tetrathlons. If you'd like to get involved, just get in touch. If you want to have a fantastic year, meet a load of fabulous friends, get to go to lots of places and join the horse fanatics from your college and all over the country... the Equestrian Club is definitely for you! For more information, contact any committee member or get in touch through Facebook or email. Email: Facebook:

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Fencing Club

UL Fencing

Come try a new sport! Fencing is the modern Olympic sport of sword fighting, with roots in the sword fighting traditions of Italy and France. In fencing, two competitors try to score "touches" on each other by hitting each other with fencing swords. Fencing provides a great workout, and a great chance to learn a new sport! Beginners are welcome, and our coach will adjust each class to fit what the group is looking for, whether a more athletic workout, or focus on learning new fencing tactics. Training is open to everyone, so come along to the main sports hall in the PESS building: Tuesdays: 8.15pm - 10.15pm The membership fee is 5 euro for the year. If there are any questions unanswered, feel free to contact us at Stop by and give fencing a try!

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GAA Club


It’s with great excitement and pleasure that the UL GAA Club welcomes all new students to the University of Limerick and more specifically, the University of Limerick GAA Club. UL GAA is one of the largest and most successful Clubs in the University with 15 teams participating in Hurling, Football, Camogie and Ladies Football. UL GAA Club is coming off the back of a successful season across all four codes. The club won 1 of the 4 Senior Intervarsity titles; The Ashbourne Cup (Camogie) with both our Fitzgibbon team (Hurling) and O'Connor Cup team (Ladies Football) losing narrowly in their respective finals. Meanwhile, we were victorious in the Fresher 2 Hurling League and Championship, Lynch Cup (Intermediate Ladies Football), Intermediate Camogie championship and the Munster Intermediate Hurling Championship as well as the Fresher Ladies Football All-Ireland Blitz! UL is lucky to have a number of intercounty stars participating across all 4 codes and also pride ourselves on having some of the best coaching and managements in place to better aid our teams to perform to their best. You as a student have the opportunity to avail of the extensive on-campus facilities in which to develop your game and increase your training opportunities. Clubs AGM’s will be held at the beginning of the semester, so go along and get involved in the running of your club. Sign up get playing and work hard for your new club. The personal benefits of joining UL GAA Club are immeasurable as you will form lifelong friendships and camaraderie with people of similar sporting interests and passions. Who can join ?? We support all levels of participation with a common aim of developing and improving performance. We pride ourselves on having some of the best coaching and managements in place to better aid our teams to perform to their best. All codes have teams competing at Fresher, Intermediate and Senior grades, so there is a grade to suit YOU. For the elite player, those wishing to make their mark on prestigious and high profile competitions such as Fitzgibbon, Sigerson, Ashbourne and O Connor Cups then UL GAA Club will provide you with the opportunity. So how do I get involved ?? You can become a member of the club by registering your details and joining UL GAA Club at the Recruitment Drive in the UL Arena on Wednesday the 7th of September for all years or alternatively call into the GAA Office under the Sports Bar at any time. To fully activate your membership, you must pay your membership fee of 20euro (¤10 for Freshers or ¤30 which includes UL socks and shorts)which covers your GAA Insurance Fee for the year and this must be paid prior to training or competing for the college. Teams usually train twice a week on the pitches or the 4G pitches on North Campus. More details will be made available on the clubs website our Facebook page and our Twitter account @ul_gaa

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Handball Club

Handball | GAA Handball | GAA

Handball Club strives to build on recent success Whether you are a seasoned GAA Handball player or someone who is looking to take up a new sport in college, then why not join the Handball Club. The club caters for all levels of players from beginners to the experienced. The club competes in 4 codes throughout the year including 60X30, 40X20, three wall and one wall. Training for the handball club takes place on Monday’s (7-8.15) and Thursday’s (8.15-10) evenings in the PESS building where we have two one wall courts. Training takes place in 60x30 and 40x20 alleys during the year in the run up to competitions. Why join the Handball Club? Besides joining a successful club, being a member of the UL Handball club gives you the opportunity to compete against handball players from Ireland’s other Third Level Institutions at the Intervarsity’s. Handball gives it's players the chance to meet and socialise with numerous players from other clubs and colleges with the club frequently staying with other colleges during intervarsity competitions. The club also runs a number of social events during the year to allow members to get to know each other and have the craic outside of the alley. The Club gives a chance to all members to play in the World Collegiate Championships to be hosted in Springfield, Missouri, USA as well as tournaments in Spain, Netherlands, England, France and Italy. Intervarsity’s are run over weekends in October, November, January and March with the World Collegiate Championships taking place over a week period in February. The club also travels to numerous tournaments in Ireland. These tournaments cater for all skill levels with players graded into their appropriate divisions to ensure that competitive games and an enjoyable time are had by all. Colleges Handball has developed greatly in the last 10 years and UL continues to strive to be the biggest and best club in Ireland. In the past year, we became only the 1st Irish club to win the Men's Team competition in the US Collegiates twice in a row as well as numerous competitions in Ireland making UL the most successful club in Colleges Handball in 2016/17. The Handball Club also won the Club of the Year award at the UL Clubs & Socs ball in early 2016, the first time in the Club's history. So join the University of Limerick Handball Club for great craic and even better handball and with a year’s membership of only 5euro where can you go wrong! Visit our website at John Hurley Chairperson

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Karate Shotokan Club

Not just a Karate Club!

Karate was developed in Okinawa, from indigenous fighting methods as a use of self defence. Shotokan is a style of karate, developed and modernised by Gichin Funakoshi, he is credited with popularizing karate through a series of demonstrations, and by promoting the development of university karate clubs in mainland Japan. The UL Shotokan Karate Club was established due to public interest and Funakoshi’s legacy continues. The club is run by a team of traditional karateka. Tradition is the main aspect which keeps a club like ours strong, much like the traditional fun and games associated with the club; Balloon Championships, Pancake Parties, the Clubs and Socs Ball, nights out, nights in, Pizza and of course, the coveted Bi-annual Japan trip! 2014 saw yet another successful Japan trip go by. In January the club sent a team of 13 members to the home of modern karate, Tokyo. Here the squad trained under Grand Master Kanazawa and the other sensei at the Honbu dojo. While visiting Tokyo, the squad trained upon Mt. Fuji, visited national treasures, and of course explored the vibrant city’s nightlife. The trip was extremely successful and another squad is set for the skies in 2016. For the next trip we hope to bring even more members and create even more memories! The club has had great achievement owing to the commitment of its members. Last February saw the Intervarsities organised by the students in our club, held in UL\'s very own sports arena. Most of our club members competed and only one competitor came away without placing. Many of our senior grades provided both entertainment and skill to the day’s events while the majority of the squad were new members with only six months experience, they earned up to three medals and at least one of which were gold. This year we had 12 competitors in the GMIT intervarsities, 10 of which placed, again some with up to three medals including gold. We usually grade our students twice a year with Sensei Payne (7th Dan). The last grading saw everybody pass and two members double grading, proving that the club breeds and attracts talent! Throughout the year the club has seminars with leading figures in Irish Karate such as Sensei O’Donovan (5th Dan), former national squad captain. As a member of the club you will be part of a dynamic family. We cater for all styles of karate and all styles of people! Whether you have a ‘bog-toe kick’, interest in learning some self defence, getting fitter or meeting new people, you’ll find the perfect balance in karate.

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Kayak Club

ULKC - University of Limerick Kayak Club

Think kayaking is just about floating across a lake? - There's way more to it than that. With UL Kayak Club you have the opportunity to paddle in Ireland and abroad and try your hand at surf, polo, freestyle, slalom, long distance and whitewater kayaking. Drop down to the arena pool at any stage during the year. We'll be there Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays from 9:45pm - 10:45pm and we'll get you started.

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Krav Maga Club

UL Krav Maga Club

The words "Krav Maga" are the Hebrew words for "Contact Combat." The hand-to-hand fighting system that is Krav Maga was developed by a man named Imre Lichtenfeld to teach the Jewish population how to defend themselves during the 1940s. It was later adopted and improved upon by the Israeli Defence Force. Recently, it has again been adapted for civilian use. Encompassing the most effective elements from various martial arts and with a strong emphasis on natural body movement, Krav Maga is suitable for both genders and all levels of fitness/ability. Krav Maga training addresses the need for one to be able to defend from both a standing attack and ground attack, taking into account the use of weapons and multiple attackers, it is often described as a most effective Self-Defence system. UL Krav Maga club was founded in 2008 by a group of UL students who were Martial Arts enthusiasts and who wanted to provide UL student population with a possibility of learning effective self-defence system that will help them to survive in everyday situations. Our aim as a club is for each member to enjoy the experience of Krav Maga training. As they complete each training session, it is our belief that a member will learn to defend themselves and their loved ones from attack, it will improve their cardio, flexibility and strength. Training takes place at 20:15 - 22:00 pm on Mondays and 19:00 - 21:00 pm on Wednesdays in the PESS Building (Old Sports Building), on UL Campus. Should you require further information you can contact us at given details below: E-mail: Facebook: Twitter: @KRAVMAGAUL Instagram: UL.KRAV.MAGA Snapchat: UL KRAV MAGA

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Ladies Hockey Club


UL Ladies Hockey Club has been up and running for quite a few years now, and we are always looking for new members to join our team and get involved!! Our Club currently has one main team, where we partake in the Varsity and Mixed Varsity competitions which take place during the first and second semesters, respectively. We also organise regular friendly games throughout both semesters, which enables us to maintain a competitive mindset throughout the team. Although we currently are not apart of a league or cup division, we are looking to build back up in numbers and get back to the high level of performance which we once held. All new players (undergrads, postgrads, staff, alumni and external members of all standards) are welcome, just turn up to training! If you have a passion for hockey or would simply like to give it a try, we are certainly the club for you! Training takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6.15pm - 8pm, on the astro pitch beside the PESS building. For more information, check out our Facebook page or send us an email We'll be happy to help out in any way we can!

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Ladies Rugby Club

Make friends and memories you'll have forever #ohana

UL Ladies Rugby is a very social and fun loving team but we are also very competitive. It is this mix that brings out the best in all our members, and each year new members are crucial to our clubs success. We are a college team and compete in the SSI Division 1 League (Senior team), SSI Division 2 League (Junior Team) and also in the annual Intervarsity tournament, many of our players play for a variety of different clubs at the weekends. Last year was yet again another successful years for UL Ladies Rugby both on and off the field. We had various social activities which helped people to get to know each other and as with every year when new members join, lasting friendships are formed and the craic is mighty!! On the pitch our socialising and other activities seemed to pay off as we made the semi -final of the SSI Division 1 League and for the first year ever came out on top of the SSI Division 2 League beating NUIG and taking the cup back to UL. During the year we hold many social outings. Here are a few words to describe the social side of ULLR – pre-season parties, fresher’s party, bowling, paintballing, come-dine-with-me, shunting, mid-season party, popsicle parties, movie nights, pancake parties, beach trips, Six Nations trips, post-match parties, team breakfasts, team lunches, Kinsale, awards night, bake off’s, team bonding, to name but a few!! We strive to achieve the right balance between on and off the field activities; as a result of this there is great camaraderie between all our team members. Finally we hope that you will come and give ladies rugby a try. Beginners are more than welcome and encouraged to join. Every year a vast proportion of new members have never played before but they learn quickly and love the game and the camaradarie. If you are a more seasoned player come join us also there is a place for everyone on our team. For more information visit the UL Ladies Rugby Facebook page. Membership is 10 euro for insurance reasons and regrettably members cannot play or train until this is paid. Looking forward to meeting all our newbies this year!!!

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UL men’s hockey is the club for you if you want to meet new people, develop new skills, enjoy team social events, like a challenge or just want to try a new sport, we’ll be happy to see you no matter what the skill level all new members are treated with equal opportunity. Our team varies from those who never played to those who have played their whole life, so no matter who you are you’ll be made welcome here. We use our pitch training time to learn new skills, improve game knowledge and develop ourselves as individual players and as a team. Off the pitch we are a well bonded club that enjoy our own events and club gatherings. Each year we enter in the all-Ireland varsities tournament and all-Ireland mixed varsities tournament where we team up with the University’s ladies team. So if you’d like to make hockey part of your new college life be sure to get in contact with one of our members. You can catch us during this semesters Clubs and Societies Recruitment drive during week 1 where we’ll be anticipating your arrival. We can also be easily found on our facebook page UL Men’s Hockey where we’ll do our very best to answer any questions you may have.

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Mens Rugby Club

UL Men's Rugby: Competitively or Socially, be part of our Wolf Pack!

Interested in Rugby? Great! Our club offers an opportunity for both social players and up coming stars to shine at a university level! The Club organizes some of the best social events on campus and as a member you will always have free admission into these events! Many, many students get confused when they hear about us, so let’s clear it up now; you CAN play for us as well as your own club, which can only improve your game by training with players from other clubs, while keeping our ‘rugby for fun’ ethos. Our Matches take place on Wednesday afternoons so your timetable should be kind and you’ll have it off! Training is on Monday at 6:00- 8:00 pm and Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 until 7 on the North Campus Pitches (next to Cappavilla pitches) but be sure to check with us in case we have a special session planned, such as indoor or Astroturf sessions. We offer the chance to get personalised training programmes and much more, so sign up and be part of our mailing list. It’s only 5euro and the benefits are great, look out for paintballing, Kukri tracksuits and other discounts, not to mention trips to far off sunny places! Any Questions? Search UL Men’s Rugby on Facebook.

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Mountain Bike Club

Come mountain biking with us!

The club was founded in September 1998. and from humble beginnings, with about 3-4 cyclists on each outing, we now have up to fifteen cyclists out every week, whatever the weather! Don't have your own bike? No problem - We own and maintain 12 XC (general purpose) bikes, as well as an Enduro bike and a Downhill bike. All of these are available to members for club cycles. We also have club helmets and gloves for use on spins. Helmet use is mandatory on every club cycle! Our cycles are off-campus in nearby forests and mountains! For Cycles all you need to bring are some old clothes, a raincoat, water and a few Euro for food at the shop stop! Details of all our cycles and activities are posted on our Forum: HERE Also check us out on facebook HERE for the latest photos and videos of what we've been up to.

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Outdoor Pursuits Club

OPC - Hiking | Climbing | Caving | Mountaineering | Orienteering

Welcome back to another eventful year in the Outdoor Pursuits Club (OPC)! To keep up to date with whats going on within the club on a daily or weekly basis, or have any questions, check out our Facebook page! The OPC's main goal is to spark the interest of our activities and to continue to develop the skills needed for those activities. We offer regular training for Caving, Climbing and Orienteering and major training for Mountaineering before international trips to Scotland, the Alps, and beyond! Our Sunday trips are usually either hiking or rock climbing and no prior experience is needed. Just bring your boots and some waterproofs and you will be ready to go. For the rock climbing trips we supply all the gear including rock shoes, helmets and harnesses. On these Sunday trips you get a great opportunity to learn map skills or belaying and climbing techniques. OPC weekend trips are fairly infamous. From the old monastery of Letterfrack, Connemara to the Youth Hostel in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains in Glendalough these weekend trips are not to be missed. They have gained legendary status due to the hikes, craic and general debauchery. You would have to go to find out. The OPC Climbing Wall located across from the arena car park is one more of UL’s great sports facilities. Check it out on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays between 7pm and 10pm where we have a supervisor waiting to get you started out. Be sure to look out for our trips sign-ups, information will be sent out in the weekly emails or you can check out our Trips and Events Page or Facebook. See you in the outdoors!

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Parkour Club

Start Together, Finish Together!

The University of Limerick Parkour Club Anyone interested in joining the Club please do not hesitate to contact us: > Send us an email at > Look us up on Facebook under UL Parkour Club > Add us on Snapchat as ULparkour > Or follow us on Instagram under ulparkour Summer holidays are over at last! We're delighted to be back, if you are new to UL or simply understand how powerful and awesome Parkour is, we'd love to hear from you! There is a great atmosphere to the Club's training and jam sessions which are not to be missed! Training times are as above, the more the merrier! Bring your friends! Feel free to join us on Facebook and post on our wall if you have any Qs about training or PK! :)

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Rowing Club

Pull Like a Wolf - The University of Limerick Rowing Club

The University of Limerick Rowing Club is actively seeking new recruits, no experience necessary! ULRC has had past greatness with novices and newcomers, winning many national championships throughout the years. Last year we traveled over to Boston for the Head of the Charles Regatta , the largest in the world!! This past few years the club had national championship wins, in the Men's Senior quad scull Intermediate 4 and 8 Women's single sculls, quad sculls and eight and two wins at London Metropolitan Regatta, in the Mens and Women's 4s. We are looking for all ranges of athletes, from complete beginners to those have rowed before. This coming season we hope to once again to compete across the pond at London Metro so check us out at or email for more information.

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Shinkendo Club

Japanese Swordsmanship

We invite you to come and practice traditional Japanese swordsmanship here at the Shinkendo Club. Here you will learn all 5 aspects of Japanese swordsmanship, including Suburi (solo exercises/basics), Tanregata (solo forms), Battoho (combative drawing and sheathing), Tachiuchi (paired sparring), and Tameshigiri (test cutting). You don't have to have a bokken (wood sword) or dogi (uniform)! Just come with work out clothes and a respectful attitude!

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Skateboard Club


It is still early days for the Skateboarding Club & Our numbers grow daily. So join us now! If you're living away from home & share our common interest. Why not join our Club. We regularly meet up(2-3 days a week) in between breaks or after lecturers. Limerick City has three skateparks - Castletroy Skatepark (4km), Mount Kenneth Skatepark (5.7km), Raw Cycles & Indoor Skatepark (5.1km). We hope to create a community where like-minded individuals can come along, chill & skate with the members.

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Skydive Club

Skydive UL

Ever wanted to jump out of an airplane? Then Skydive UL is the club for you! We are the first ever Third level Skydiving Club in the Republic of Ireland and have gone from strength to strength since it was formed in 2007, even winning the UL Students Union Best New and Improved Club for 2008! We train students of UL to do their first skydive, most of whom have no experience in skydiving before! We can accommodate everyone, someone who wants a once off skydive or someone with the aim of becoming a licensed skydiver! The initial training session takes only six hours, and then we can take you to the skies. Every week, we conduct Solo Skydive Courses at the Irish Parachute Club which is an hour and a half from UL. The Course teaches you everything you need to know about how to do your skydive safely. So even if you have never jumped out of a plane before, you can do our Solo Skydive as your first jump. Your first Skydive is something to remember. We capture that moment by having it recorded on digital video and photographed on high resolution digital images so you can show everyone the adventure that you have experienced with Skydive UL. As part of your training you will learn about the parachute system, how to exit the plane, how to fly the parachute and navigate to the ground safely. We prepare you for everything you need to know for your first skydive. After a minimum of just 25 jumps you can complete student status and become a qualified Skydiver, known as your \\\'A\\\' Licence Certificate of Proficiency. This qualification is recognised worldwide and so you are then licensed to skydive anywhere in the world. We also teach members how to pack their own parachute at Parachute Packing Classes which are held weekly on campus. It is a requirement for members to be able to pack their own parachute in order to get their “A” Licence plus it also makes your skydiving experience even cheaper. We train on campus and at the Skydiving Centre where our skydiving also takes place which is an hour and a half drive from UL. We jump every Weekend and throughout the Summer! Not only do we skydive regularly in Ireland but we also travel abroad around Europe for skydiving camps to sharpen our skills and bring up beginner skydivers to new levels in the sport! Every year, we travel to the south of France for 1-2 weeks with both beginner and intermediate skydivers for a training camp. This has proved to be a huge success every year with all the beginners progressing greatly to getting their “A” Licence while on the trip. Other trips include the Christmas trip to Empuriabrava in Spain which is the biggest Dropzone in Europe and also the annual trip to the Body flight Windtunnel in England. Indoor skydiving is an excellent learning tool for Skydivers to learn and perfect new skills that they can then use in the sky. Members of Skydive UL are very lucky to be able to train with the very best in the sport which include o instructors at the IPC who have years experience in the sport and also the instructors we hire on our trips abroad, some of which are world champion Skydivers! Not only do we jump at the Irish Parachute Club but some members of Skydive UL have jumped into the UL playing Fields near the UL Arena for RAG week. We hope to set this up again to bring our amazing sport to the attention of everyone in the college. You could be part of this!! So if you want to make your experience at the University of Limerick even more exciting and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush, then Skydive UL is the club for you! Blue Skies!!! • Facebook: • Email:

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Snowsports Club

You'll believe it when you ski it!

Finally UL has got a SnowSports Club! About time! We are UL's newest club dedicated to introducing Skiing and Snowboarding to the students here at UL. ULSSC does not allow Ireland's lack of snow to restrict its 14,000 student population from getting involved in one of the fastest growing sports in the world and we are eager to build up a close community of ski and snowboarding enthusiasts. Our activities involve trips to Ireland's only ski facility in Kilternan, Co.Dublin to maintain and develop skills and an annual ski trip into Europe is always the goal for January! Keep up to date in our activities and events on our facebook page listed below!

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Soccer Club


Hi All, UL Soccer has a very strong presence on Campus, and an equally strong pedigree in University soccer. For 1st Year students, we have the Harding Cup to aim for, where we will be using our Harding Superleague to identify players for this squad. The Harding Superleague is an 8 week long internal league for 1 year students only. We also cater for senior men with our Collingwood and Crowley squads, which both take part in the CUFL against other top colleges. Monday is our main training day, and all sessions are based on the new all weather pitches at Cappavilla. Our main form of communicatuon is from our facebook groups which you can use this to keep updated on various things such as training times/matches and general footie banter! Female students are also catered for, and the UL team have an immense reputation in the WSCAI, winning numerous titles over the years.Beginners are always welcome, as this is key to the development of our female squad. Feel free to contact us to gain more info on the club or use the website to get involved. Our email address is and look for us at UL Soccer Club Official Page on Facebook! Students who wish to join should sign up on UL Wolves to the Soccer Club and then bring the membership fee to the next training/trial or meeting for your membership to be activated. We hope to see you all participating in soccer club activities in the new season! UL Soccer Club Committee

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Sub Aqua Club

Life's a beach and then you dive!

Being based near the Atlantic coast means that some of the best dive sites in Ireland and the World are right on our doorstep! In fact the University boasts one of the few 50m swimming pools in Ireland, which gives us an added advantage for confined water training. We offer internationally recognised qualifications in diving as well as the opportunity to take part in diving related courses including Oxygen Administration, First Aid and Boat Handling. We have also acquired our own boat, the Plassey Bird, and we are always trying out new dives spots, including visits to our faithful regulars such as the beautiful Kilkee, the awe-inspiring Cliffs of Moher, and we even try our hand at examining wrecks from Cork to Donegal, be it boats or World War Submarines! Or even if you just want to check out the marine life in shallow depths we have something for everyone. Our club is recognised for its high standards, its commitment to training, and its love for diving. If you are interested or a little unsure, check out our stand at the recruitment drive and talk to one of our members. We're also on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, so have check us out there to see some of the things the club gets up to. We look forward to diving with you!

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Surf Club

Travel and Surf the World

This club is for the people who want to learn to surf and anyone who wants to surf more while living in Limerick. We teach beginners and subsidise petrol money and organise cars for all members to get to the coast any day of the week. If you have any questions give us an email: PAY YOUR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE Go to the website and pay the €5 with paypal. Once you've requested membership here we'll approve you and send you weekly emails with all the info on club trips and events around campus. Alternatively come to our Monday pool session (see below) and pay the membership there. Or check out what is happening and find a lift to the coast on our facebook group MONDAY -POOL SESSION On Monday we organise a pool session which is tailored to help your basic fundamentals of surfing which include paddling, standing up on the board, and most importantly meeting new people and having a great time. This is on every Monday night in the UL Sport Arena at 9.45pm. Afterwards we usually go to stables/scholars for a bit. TUESDAY -PILATES Tuesday nights we have a Pilates session at the boathouse which is important to prevent injury and improve stretching and fitness. (Regular emails and Facebook updates inform our members of any changes in these weekly events so be sure to like us and subscribe to our emails). BOARD REPAIRS Want to learn how to fix your board and do yours in the process? Every second week after Pilates we'll fix club and personal boards with our setup at the Boathouse. We are a large group of friends who love introducing people to the ocean and help to gradually increase their confidence and ability level in this sport. We travel along Ireland's incredible coastlines in search of good times on the water, and aim to enable even the novice surfer to learn the craft of the sport! We run multiple day trips each semester as well as large overnight weekender trips to remote and pristine locations throughout the country. These trips are really the highlight of the club and where you will meet and get to know the many friendly and enthusiastic club members that we have. The club also runs international trips. We have previously traveled to Morocco, France and Portugal. This year we plan to go to The Canary Islands in January (all levels) , Portugal at Easter (intermediate and advanced) and Indonesia in the summer (advanced surfers). So, whether you are a hard core full time surfer/skater who is looking for other like-minded people or if you’re someone who has never surfed before and is looking to learn we are the club for you. The club is fiercely defensive of it's nightlife reputation and ensures every year that it runs the best parties of all the University clubs! Wow, you made it this far? We are impressed, don't hesitate to get involved. Looking forward to meeting you, UL Surf Club Committee

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Swim Club

"Going In Hard, Coming Out Wet..."

Now that we have you attention, we are the UL Wolves Swim Club! (ULSC). We cater for everyone! From the causal swimmer who just wishes to work off the beer belly and make some friends to drink more beer with, to of course the competitive swimmer, bread to race for the wolf pack! When you join our team you will have to complete a swim test to assess your level of ability, just to ensure you are comfortable in the water. We do not accept learners swimmers at this point in time, as we are here to coach, not teach. We are after all a club. The club trains 4 times each week; Monday (8:50 - 9:50PM) Wednesday (8:50 - 10:50PM) Thursday (8:50 - 9:50AM) Friday (8:00 - 8:50AM) Our Monday and Thursday sessions caters for all ability, while our other 2 sessions poses a tougher training session for those looking to develop their swimming skills further! Keep an eye on our Facebook Page too (Link in the Club Details), often swimmers will go for a swim themselves mentioning it to the group for anyone else who might like to join! Throughout the year we attend various competitions and host multiple events for people to get to know each other that bit more, and help develop the club further! We are all super friendly and waiting for you to jump right in! So come down, get wet and give swimming ago! The Swim Team.

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Tae Kwon Do Club

TaeKwonDo - Not just for kicks!

The University of Limerick TaeKwonDo Club is the longest running martial arts club on campus at present. Highly competitively successful last year saw members compete at almost a dozen different competitions a home and abroad winning regional, provincial and national accolades. Taekwondo is a korean martial art, which, translated literally, means "Art of Hand & Foot Fighting". It is one of the most complete martial arts available to the practitioner, incorporating hand and foot techniques, take-downs, ground fighting, self defense and endurance training. Whether you are looking to get fit, compete, learn some self defense or just have a good time and make some new friends the UL TKD club is for you! The UL TKD club is an ITF taekwondo club and accepts members from all federations including the WTF. The club trains 2 nights a week in the PESS Building on campus. Training times are Monday 18.00 – 20.00 and Thursday 18.50 -20.15 this term. Check out our Facebook Page at! Or more information can be obtained from our website or by emailing Hope to hear from you soon!

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Our first night back is Week 3 Wednesday 20th September Registration will be underneath the Pavillion from 6.30pm and we will train/play on the 4G Rugby pitch from 7pm. Please bring tag shorts and appropriate running footwear! If anyone has more than one pair of shorts and is bringing a friend, please share ???? We will try to have enough shorts for everyone on the night! There will be samples for people to try for the new official Wolves kit we will be ordering ???? Check our event on facebook @

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Trampoline Club

Fun, Flips and maybe more! #ULTrampsHuHaHa

“UL Trampoline & Gymnastics Club – Less like a Club, More like a Family…” The Sport (What We Do) Whether you’re a novice or a competitive athlete, there’s something for everyone in this club. Come, join and meet our group of fun loving people, who bounce high and do some cool acrobatics! You’ll have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. We, the UL Trampoline and Gymnastics Club, are a home for acrobatic and gymnastic exercises on a trampoline as a recreation and/or sport. What we offer is a novice to advanced and elite training for the students of UL, and the adults of Limerick community and city, in various disciplines ranging from Acrobatics, Basic Floor Gymnastics, DMT (double mini trampoline), Cheerleading and Olympic Trampoline. Our Achievements (What You can Become) In the past year, we have been very successful in bringing home a total of 27 medals from 4 competitions in all levels of Trampolining, Tumbling and DMT -An outstanding achievement! Our Club is equipped with the highest level of coaches at our disposal, and our members have developed an excellent standard of competition in all disciplines, especially in competing DMT. UL Trampoline and Gymnastics Club have become the No 1 ranked university in DMT in Ireland receiving both National and International medals. Not only have we won medals, but have brought home several trophies & plaques too. (Most Improved Club 2015/6, Best Club Individual 2015/6, ISTO’s All-Round Gymnast 2016, Cheerleading Champions 2015, Online Trampoline-Meme Competition) You will be comforted and impressed to learn that a lot of our members have only joined in college. So, why not come and try something new? Something else that may impress you about UL Trampoline, is that we are also hold the Guinness World Record for "Most Trampoline Somersaults in 24 hours" - that's right, we are officially awesome with a number sitting at 73,218.. You could say, that's Flipping mad! ;) Social ‘Tramps’ (Who We Are) One thing is for sure, you will meet some of the best people, friends and more in our club! You’ll be amazed at the amount of socialising that goes on. Despite our sessions being over two hour lessons, you won’t be expected to jump continuously for so long. Thankfully, the classes are broken up into breaks and stations, which will give you the opportunity to cool down and bounce off one another instead. Some of our members are just there to have a good time and work out! You will always find a strong sense of camaraderie and encouragement in the air. But it’s not all bouncing and making new friends. Listen up, singletons! We’ll even spice things up by playing a bit of music and roll out Twister while you wait for your turns. Twister: the only time it’s soberly acceptable to break into each other’s boundaries of personal space – who needs Tinder? Trampolining is sure to send your heart flipping. We strongly encourage anyone who is unfamiliar with the sport to check it out and surrender your bouncing virginity. Really, despite all the ups and downs, we promise it to be worth it! Not to mention, all our club bonding weekends, competitions and trips around Ireland & UK! Last year we travelled to Cork, Dublin, Belfast, Glasglow (Scotland) and Loughborough (England) where everyone made unforgettable memories, friends and more! Get In Touch.. Want to become a ‘Tramp’? The club meets in PESS Building, on Tuesdays from 7pm to 10pm, and Thursdays from 7pm to 10pm. All levels are welcome, so don’t be afraid to stop by if you’re never trampolined before. The only thing you’ll need to bring is yourself and a thirst for bouncing! If you want to enquire further, you can email us at or contact us through our Facebook group: UL Trampoline Club Group or our Facebook Page: UL Trampoline & Gymnastics Club

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UL Social Soccer Club

Soccer For Everyone

Social Soccer was started as a Facebook group in January 2016 to garner numbers for five-a-side matches. The group grew very quickly, and within a few months we were playing small-sided games twice a week, whether that be in the UL Arena or on the North Campus pitches. A primary characteristic of the club is its social nature - many of the players originally did not know one another, and friendships were formed through the matches. Players who joined us grew in confidence and ability, being able to express themselves in each game. The games are fun first, competitive second. With players known for playing just to nutmeg others, the matches are about expressing your ability and letting your skills flourish. There is no skill requirement - whether you're training to practice for the college team, or just to meet new people, you're welcome to join! Social Soccer is all about the inclusivity. Everybody is welcome to play, regardless of age, gender, ability or commitment. Games are organised on the Facebook group ("UL Social Soccer"), so be sure to join the page and join events if you're interested!

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Ultimate Frisbee Club

UL Ninjas Ultimate Frisbee club

Welcome friends to the Ultimate Frisbee Page! Ultimate Frisbee is a fast paced field sport that marries athleticism and creativity. Ultimate Frisbee is played in Open, Women's and Mixed divisions and is played 7 vs 7 outdoors and 5 vs 5 indoors. The american influences of the sport mean that a lot of games boil down to specific highlight reel opportunities. Moments where whoever jumps the highest or dives the furthest after the disk will decide the game. However we manage to achieve these situations in ultimate without having to resort to the same stop start specifics of American Football. As a club we routinely travel to tournaments around Ireland. One of the key aspects of the sport is that it is self-officiated, which demands high levels of sportsmanship from all involved. If you are into highlight reel plays, creative freedom in game, and all in a good tempered attitude, Ultimate is the sport for you. Of course what does all this mean to you? The humble beginner in our multinational sport? Well we have many upcoming tournaments in the next two months in Cork, Dublin, all aimed towards introducing you to the sport and each other in the most banterous ways possible. This means that you will have the chance to meet lots of people and then subsequently party with, a lot of the time in some form of fancy dress. This goes alongside with our weekly training's, and routine nights out and house parties. For more information on these and other upcoming events please check our events page. Ultimate Frisbee in UL is a combination of all the things that make socializing in College great, we run like a society, compete like a club, party like animals, and live like a family. If this sounds good to you, please come to one of our training's. We train on Monday's and Thursday's 6 - 8 pm on Maguires pitches. Maguires pitches are located directly behind Kilmurry Village. I hope to see ye there!

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WindSports Club

Sailing, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing

For people looking for something Adventure and Fun, whether you're hardcore into wind sports or looking to pick up something new, or just want to hang with a bunch of new people. You are in the right place!. Our club runs 3 disciplines of wind sport, Sailing, Kitesurfing and Windsurfing. We welcome every level from beginner to advanced. However, If you are beginner, don't feel like you 'can't' do it, we will have you gliding across the water in no time. The club also has a selection of members who have excelled to instructor level and are ready and willing to teach and help all members. We provide all the training, equipment, accommodation and even the food, all you need to bring is yourself. During the break from college, there is often abroad trip, in locations offering warm water conditions and steady winds. The last number of years saw the club travel to the Dominican Republic, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Tarifa (Spain) and Dahab (Egypt). ULWC is the best equipped club in Ireland and can rival many professional outfits throughout the world in terms of gear. We are also known as a very competitive club among sailors. ULWC has an excellent record at intervarsities, you could be part of the next winning team in UL! BOOM!

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