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Guides / Reports

C&S Interim ReportPDF1.8 MB
C&S Guide to Committee AdminPDF5 MB
Committee Administration Day 1 2016/2017Powerpoint14MB
Committee Administration Day 2 2016/2017Powerpoint11MB
Copyright Issues When Showing FilmsPDF21 KB
RulebookPDF1 MB

Health & Safety

Safety Presentation April 2015 (by: Risk Solutions)PDF740 KB
Safety Statement Template [1/8/11]Word341 KB

Promotions / Booking Rooms

Booking C&S Rooms in the SUOn the Committee Panel, you can find Room Booking
On Campus Promotions Booking Word37 KB
Out of Hours SU Risk AssessmentWord48 KB
Risk Assessment Guidelines PDF76 KB
Room Booking Form (On Campus but external to SU)Word41 KB
Rules for use of the Jonathon SwiftPDF26 KB
SoUL Fest Event ApplicationWord120 KB
SU Out of Hours BookingWord25 KB
Wolfie Mascot Booking Form Word43 KB

C&S Budgets

For Bank of Ireland Enablement Fund information and application forms, visit

Arts & Sports FundWord163 KB
Bank Transfer Request Form 15-16 Word51 KB
Budget ChecklistWord48 KB
Cheque Request Form PDF55 KB
Credit Card Usage FormPDF52 KB
Special App FormPDF51 KB
Treasurers' WorkshopPowerpoint2.7 MB


1 How To Banking for your Club or Society Word42 KB
10 Template Letter Changing Signatories on Bank MandatePDF35 KB
11 Non Personal Customer Identification Form PDF62 KB
12 Example Form Non Personal Customer IdentificationPDF156 KB
13 BankOnline Application Form PDF223 KB
14 Example BankOnline Application Form PDF425 KB
15 Changing Signatories for BankOnline FormPDF86 KB
16 Example Changing Signatories for BankOnline Form PDF206 KB
2 Account Opening Form PDF340 KB
3 Example Account Opening Form PDF557 KB
4 C&S FATCA Form PDF192 KB
5 Example C&S FATCA Form PDF289 KB
7 Template Letter Account Opening PDF35 KB
8 Changing Mandate Form PDF220 KB
9 Example Changing Mandate Form PDF322 KB
Photo ID and Address Verification Requirements Word64 KB

Vehicles / Drivers

Additional DriverPDF16 KB
Become a Driver, GuidelinesWord40 KB
Committee Letter of EndorsementWord21 KB
Vehicle Protocol for SigningPDF56 KB

Foreign Trips

Foreign Trip Requirements & Proposal Word44 KB

Personal Accident Insurance

Important: Important re your personal accident claim PDF1 MB
Personal Accident Claim (AIG)PDF806 KB
SU Incident Report FormWord15 KB

UL Boathouse

Opening BrochurePDF9.3 MB

Common Constitution

ULSU Strategic Plan

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